Bow Down to Everlane: The Perfect Slouchy Tee

August 20, 2012


I have been on a quest. For over a year I have been looking for the perfect slouchy t-shirt.

It may seem like a silly thing to prioritize, but don’t discount the value of a fantastic t-shirt. It is a core piece for my closet, the ultimate luxury basic and I wear it year-round with abandon. I pair it with shorts in the warmer seasons, under jackets and trench coats when it turns cooler. This key piece can be casual and casually elegant when the occasion arises.

But here was the real challenge: finding the perfect slouchy t-shirt that doesn’t cost a fortune AND is of terrific quality.

And that last part? Is harder than you’d ever imagine. Until last week.

Meet Everlane. With a business model that focuses on quality production, but cutting out the middle man (and thus, added costs), Everlane is a refreshing new brand providing luxury-level goods at reasonable prices. All the things you look for in a great piece is here: small seams, light and soft fabrics, perfect tailoring.

I purchased the Ryan t-shirt. A gorgeous, soft v-neck tee that hangs beautifully. Better yet? I purchased it for $25. TWENTY-FIVE.

You better believe I’ll be going back for more.

Everlane offers several other options for both women and men including a more classically cut t-shirt for $15 as well as belts and totes. As their popularity and demand grows, I’d expect to see additional products month after month.

I am so, so thrilled to have found these folks. SO GLAD! Go check them out – I think you’ll appreciate their approach. Add a little luxury to your closet – no guilt.

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4 Responses to “Bow Down to Everlane: The Perfect Slouchy Tee”

  1. Knighton Says:

    I am getting on this asap. Look at the length of that sleeve! I might die and go to heaven right now.

    • Pam Says:

      I MEAN. I think you’ll really love it. I wish this one was offered in white, but I’m loving the grey – and the other colors, too. Let me know what you think!

  2. Valerie Says:

    Sold. Thanks for the tip! I have the same pic above pinned as inspiration for finding same.