PixiGlow Beauty: Fairy Magic at Any Age

May 24, 2012


I recently had the opportunity to take a look at a new line of cosmetics from Pixi Beauty the PixiGlow collection. Originally created by Petra Strand, this mom set out to design a line that helped women recapture a sense of whimsy and magic in an already over-scheduled life. With inspiration from Disney’s Tinkerbell, the fairy ideal is the theme of the collection.

PixiGlow has certainly lived up to its name. There is plenty of sheen and sparkle in the products, but not so much that it tips into the ‘stripper’ glitter category. The colors are soft and warm in shades of rose and champagne and they have plenty of pigment making applying the colors quick and easy.

I’m something of a stickler about eye pencils and I was surprisingly pleased with the quality of their “Straight on till Morning” liner. While I did not hit the bars to test it’s name, I can say I wore it all day for a few days and it lasted through not only my schedule and usual wear, but some early summer Houston heat as well.

The “Catching Shadows” eye crayon in “Beaming Reflection” was a bit waxy, but still light and sheer and would make a nice highlighter in a pinch.

The real center of the collection is its “Fairy Face Palette” that houses five eye colors, a three-blush palette and five lip creams.

These colors are very close to the everyday palette I normally wear, with just a touch more sheen, so it was easy for me to wear them for a few days. The colors blended well and lasted through a typical day with little wear and tear. If you work in an uber-conservative office under fluorescent lighting, you may need to keep the application light-handed or mix-match the products with more matte ones as well. The blush palette is warm and should work with many skin tones easily.

The lip creams are fairly sheer – so much so that I needed to use the darkest color to enhance my normal lip color, but I did like it.

Overall the all-in-one nature of the palette makes for a great travel option and I am considering taking it on our frequent trips to the beach this summer. The colors should look great with a touch of sun.

With a good price-point and availability at Target, this line is very accessible for a variety of people. While I’m not sure the fairy motif speaks to me as a consumer of luxury cosmetic lines, this would be a great line for tweens, high school and even some college ladies. The packaging is young and fresh and the colors work for younger and older skin alike.

Full FTC disclosure: The products pictured above were provided to me for review. I thank Pixi Beauty for the opportunity and, as always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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