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April 2, 2012


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The bikini. It is iconic, but can strike fear in the hearts of women thanks to awful dressing room lighting and mirrors. Is it meant for everyone? No, but it is meant for more women than they think – if they only had one key accessory…


The key to pulling off a bikini is pure confidence. Beyond that it is remembering WHY you are in a bikini. You are at the pool! Or the beach! You are relaxing, perhaps with music or a drink nearby! THIS IS NOT THE OFFICE OR A VOLUNTEER MEETING. Obsessing about your body gets in the way of all of that. Stop it.

Some tips:
1. Try the suits on at home. Seriously. Save yourself the torture of awful dressing rooms and judgmental mirrors.
2. Stick with classic colors – black, greys, blues, plums, whites. Bright crazy patterns lean a bit teen – and you’re too sophisticated for that scene.
3. To add a bit of “oomph” on top: Try a bandeau, ruffled or push-up style top.
4. Pear-shaped ladies should keep their focus up top with pattern and choose a solid, more subdued bottom. This keeps the eye up top – and we want the eyes, don’t we, ladies?
5. Those blessed a bit more on top should look for a halter style top that can give structure as well as a customized fit based on how it is tied. Avoid the tiny triangle tops, please – this is not Ice & Coco.
6. Shorter legs and torsos benefit from high cut legs as well as the advice for pear-shaped ladies. Additionally, avoid boyshorts or ruffled bottoms – they will draw the eye down making you look shorter.

It’s time to shop. Order a bunch to try on at home. Try a few things you wouldn’t normally and have a little fun. Then choose a fabulous suit and go have some REAL fun by the pool. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Vitamin A Banded Halter Top & Ring Side Hipster Bottom | Vitamin A ‘Tangier’ Bandeau Top & Ring Side Hipster Bottom | All Saints ‘Sparkle Mirelle’ Bikini Top & Briefs | Victoria’s Secret ‘Riviera’ Push-up Halter Top & bottom | Vitamin A Wrap Halter Top & Banded Hipster Bottom | Milly ‘Antibes’ Embellished Bikini Top & Bottom

Want to learn more about bikinis? Of course you do. Pick up a copy of Nina Garcia’s “The One Hundred” for yourself! We’re working our way through all 100 items to assemble the perfectly stylish, workable collection.

*Not connected to or endorsed by Nina Garcia, but we love her.

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4 Responses to “Shop The 100: #8 Bikinis”

  1. Knighton Says:

    Was just thinking of “Bikini Confidence” yesterday, after spending a couple hours on the Comal River. There was a strange moment when I realized I am more comfortable in my own skin (and in a bikini) right now than I ever was in my youth. Imagine that. πŸ˜‰

  2. Amber, theAmber Show Says:

    Yes! When I was 20 I remember wishing I could “pull off” wearing a bikini – and I was a cutely rounded size 12! I want to drag that 20 year old bikini shopping!

    Now I’m 30 and back DOWN to a size 12 having gone up, but I’m a little less cutely rounded than I was. Still, I’m wearing bikinis this summer anyway. When I’m 40, I know I’ll be glad I did.

    Self-tanner goes a long, long way.