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March 30, 2012


A few weeks ago we all packed up and headed down to the beach for most of Spring Break. My parents have a two-bedroom, two-bath condo down there and, like any wise adults, had no interest in being around there for the week of drunken college students and families with screaming children – luxury accommodations notwithstanding.

We, however, jumped on the chance.

Here’s why.

I confess I was a bit concerned about how we would manage in a significantly smaller space than we’re used to (not to mention we had friends coming down for a few days to stay as well), but there are lessons in small spaces.

When there is less space you simply are forced to share, to make do. Small spaces mean having what is most necessary and most important. It is the ultimate editing exercise.

While doing some research on Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan for his Always:Never Interview, I stumbled across this piece from the New York Times about how he and his wife lived in a space of 265 square feet with a baby. Amazing, no?

I have a big house. I have two bedrooms that rarely see any use and an entire floor that is rarely visited. I have too many things and too much space. I am the epitome of #firstworldproblems.

pal + smith boutique via shelterpop

A few months ago I cleared out half of my closet. Edited it down to only the best, most important and most needed. It was liberating. I think I’m about to do the same with this house. I can’t get rid of the house and all it’s extra space just yet, but I can get all the superfluous out.

via The Diversion Project

I want these spaces down to clean, clear and focused. I want only what matters. I want the valuable and the memorable and the necessary. I want pretty. I want the kids to learn the same.

via Mackenzie Horan

Pretty sure there’s a tag sale coming up soon here for clothes and other items. Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to “Friday Collections”

  1. ABC Dragoo Says:

    Good for you!!

    I’ve been working my way towards a major closet purge. My husband has no attachment to his clothes and only keeps what he is currently wearing, shaker style! I, on the other hand still have jeans I wore as a teenage girl taking up space. I have emotional connections to certain pieces I just hate to part with.

    I do however have a closet full of high heels…somehow my feet grew a half of a size, and I think those will be the first in my tag sale!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • pamlewis Says:

      It is the single most interesting exercise you will ever do. Truly. It started with my 15:30 challenge last year – providing to myself that I really could do more with less.

      I still have 2-4 pieces in there I’m emotionally attached to. 🙂 But for the most part, after you get truly RUTHLESS with your decisions, it is the greatest feeling EVER.

      I can’t wait to hear more – promise to share? 🙂