Shop The 100: #4 Aviators

February 27, 2012


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[C]reated in the mid-1930s for Air Force pilots by Ray-Ban through a commission of the U.S. Government, the aviator has long since made the crossover from “military functional” to “completely chic.” I double dog dare you not to think of Top Gun when aviators are mentioned.

These go-anywhere frames are wearable by just about anyone, but an especially great pick for a heart-shaped or triangular face. If you can find a vintage pair you score an extra fifty cool points, but there are several current designers that make excellent options.

The classic choice is the original Ray-Ban style, but I love some of the newer riffs on it.

A hint to those in very cold or very hot climates: Those metal frames will heat up or freeze almost instantaneously. Be careful if you wear them on your head for safekeeping when you put them on your face. (Ask me how I know.)

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Want to learn more about aviators? Of course you do. Pick up a copy of Nina Garcia’s “The One Hundred” for yourself! We’re working our way through all 100 items to assemble the perfectly stylish, workable collection.

*Not connected to or endorsed by Nina Garcia, but we love her.

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