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February 24, 2012


[I] am a big fan of ideas. Specifically great ones. What fascinates me even more sometimes is HOW those ideas came to be. I do not believe in the proverbial lightning strike. Great ideas are not random – they come from somewhere. Is there “right place / right time”? Yes. But that doesn’t work without the foundation of knowledge and experience and creativity and guts and a heaping teaspoon of analysis for good measure. You must know what to do with all of that.

Until then, it’s still just an idea.

But, oh, the feeling of those really great ones. The electricity and the energy and the astonishment and the LIFE that shows up when you know you have one. There is nothing like it. NOTHING. It is the best part of creativity and inspiration that sharpens every color in the world and sets time on a pair of downhill skis.

GOOOOOOO. “Strap in and GO!” screams every cell in your body. Urgency doesn’t begin to cover it.

But then, it happens. That moment. You paused for just a blink and out of the corner of your eye you saw her. Dark and slinky with a smoked out eye you heard the unmistakable click of her stiletto and she stood silently just inside the door —


She eased her way over, ran a well-manicured finger up your arm, whispered just enough in your ear to smell that spicy, cigarette-laden scent – and you feel the shift.

Man, I don’t know.

Two heartbeats later you’re holding your breath but you’ve lost count as to how long and there it is – a crisis of confidence.


So you sit with it, this weight. Not sure if it will ever move – or if you have the ability to move it. You fight with it and try to scale it and try to reason with it and how is it possible it’s getting heavier?! But you know – you KNOW – it’s not over. That idea is still there. It’s buried, but it’s still there.

And then, after weeks of struggle and frustration and more than one run-in with a pint of ice cream you have this discussion with someone who has no idea what you do all day on the Internet, but starts asking you questions about it. About your plans. And the more you have to think about your answers the crisper they become. You realize they are what you thought –

The answers – the ideas – are still good. The clarity in that moment shows you the weight you were sitting with has a crack in it. And all of a sudden there is power and momentum and, hoo boy, it’s time to strap in again because YOU BET YOU CAN DO THIS.

You bet you can.

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