Shop The 100: #2 Animal Print

February 13, 2012


leopard shoes handbag purse belt scarf cuff pumps heels flats clutch
[O]h, animal print. It strikes fear in the hearts of some – and is a passion to the point of overkill for others. It is power and boldness and elegance and sex and, often, a neutral. It is absolutely something you should embrace – for any season.

There are some rules about mixing leopard with its friends red and black, but here are a few others to help you wear this favored print with style and class:

1. One piece of animal print at a time. Aim for points of interest, not Vegas strip.
2. If you’re new to leopard, start small, with accessories. Leopard pants are the Advanced Class – ease into it. They have their own rules.
3. Invest in a pair of leopard flats. Wear them endlessly. Pair them with jeans, brightly colored pants, skirts and shorts.
4. Pay close attention to the print itself. Luxury designers are excellent examples and typically produce a print that is tighter and darker. The black spots will define the medium range tone. Avoid large, yellow-based backgrounds.
5. There are other animal prints: zebra, snow leopard, etc. You are not a zoo – don’t mix them. One print at a time, please.

Yves Saint Laurent Leopard Print Tote | Ivanka Trump ‘Indicon’ Pump | MICHAEL Michael Kors Belt | Calvin Klein ‘Pritah’ Flats | Vince Camuto Cuff | Topshop ‘Geo’ Scarf | Lodis ‘Taj Veronica’ Clutch | Steve Madden ‘Madee’ Flat | MICHAEL Michael Kors Saddle Messsenger Bag

Want to learn more about animal print? Of course you do. Pick up a copy of Nina Garcia’s “The One Hundred” for yourself! We’re working our way through all 100 items to assemble the perfectly stylish, workable collection.

*Not connected to or endorsed by Nina Garcia, but we love her.

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4 Responses to “Shop The 100: #2 Animal Print”

  1. Knighton Says:

    It’s like you’re reading my mind. I’m on the hunt for a leopard shoe. Thoughts on this one?

  2. pamlewis Says:

    Ah, the kitten heel. Seeing more of those around lately, aren’t we? It’s a cute shoe – is it for spring?

    There is something a little off for me on that color palette, maybe the background? It could just be the resolution on my screen though. Is it anywhere nearby you can lay hands on it easily?

    • Knighton Says:

      I don’t know. I’ve got an obsession with finding a leopard-print shoe, and this is the only one I’ve liked so far. If I could find it to try on, I’d make a bee-line.


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