Faux Fur Snoods & Collars: Pet Me, Pet You

January 25, 2012


faux fur collars

You know those things you should grab at the end of season while they are on sale? These are on there right behind cashmere sweaters.

Aside from giggling every time I say the word “snood”, I adore them. Fur collars as well. Not only do they give a bit of easy warmth to a fall or winter outfit, they make a plain coat or classic roundneck sweater just a bit of luxe and interest.

They are PERFECT for layering – both in pattern and texture – AND if you get too warm? Slip them off, fluff your hair and throw them in your purse. Done.

1. ASOS Faux Fur Snood (black)
2. ASOS Faux Fur Snood (brown)
3. ASOS Leopard Fantasy Fur Snood
4. ASOS Faux Fur Pointed Collar
5. ASOS Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar (green!)
6. Flirt Fur Snood

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