2012: The Shift

January 3, 2012


Last week I spent some time thinking about what 2012 is going to look like. Every year seems to have a “word” that describes it – sometimes you get to pick that word, sometimes that word is thrust upon you.

It feels like the word for 2012 is “shift”, but I’ve yet to determine whether that is a word I’ve picked or if it’s been chosen for me. Either way, I’ve decided that, if that is the word, I’d like to command it proactively.

“Shift” is different than “change.” There is a subtlety to shifting – a slight movement that brings differences, but it doesn’t feel like upheaval. I like this idea – taking what already is in motion and slightly altering it to see where it goes.

There is much bantering around the ideas of resolutions this time of year – I’m not sure I am ever on the “resolution” train. The reason I have a Life List is so that I keep my life focused and interesting every day — ¬†resolutions don’t feel very fluid to me. However, I’ve thought about some of the things on my List this past week and there are a few shifts I can make to help focus more on them – make them happen sooner.

This I can get with.

For a variety of reasons life this year is going to be full of change, but with a few shifts in thought or philosophy or approach it may be more manageable.

Shifts for 2012:

  1. Structure. Seek areas that need it and view structure as a practice.
  2. Increase predictability for others. Predictability creates comfort. Comfort creates ease.
  3. Honor my closet. I cleaned out 50% of my wardrobe over the holidays and kept only the best and most valued. Add only the finest options back in – regardless of price. My favorite tank tops from Target, ASOS finds, J.Crew, Gucci, Michael Kors and Burberry reside in the same collection. Nothing joins them unless it is adored from the beginning – no matter where it came from.
  4. Get out. Use local opportunities.
  5. Learn more. More books, more workshops, more discussion and more arguments.
  6. Launch. The idea that’s been sitting there for a year – cannot sit any longer.
  7. An extra pause.¬†One extra heartbeat’s time for any moment with the kids. One beat, endless perspective.
How about you? Are you shifting or changing this year?
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