Smart, Stylish Must-Read: Blogging Your Way to the Front Row

December 26, 2011


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I’ve not met Yuli Ziv personally, but I have followed her business adventures as head of Style Coalition for well over a year. When her book, Blogging Your Way to the Front Row, came out a few months ago, I had it down to grab it and highlight the ever-loving hell out of the pages, but somehow my task list grew longer and that particular one was put aside.

It shouldn’t have been.

So when I saw her tweet about an Amazon promotion for a free Kindle-version download last week, I knew it was the fates kicking me in the shins and I immediately downloaded it.

Here is the first thing you need to know: Of all the books I’ve ever downloaded on my Kindle iPhone app, I’ve never (EVER) bought the hard copy of the book.

Until now. It is this good and I want a hard copy to dog ear and highlight and serve as a reminder about what it takes to really succeed in the business of blogging.

Here is why I want to own the hardcopy as well as the electronic copy. Yuli is a straight shooter. She has run the gauntlet of starting business and blogs and has the bruises (and lessons) to prove it. Her experience creating Style Coalition and clawing out a position for fashion and style bloggers is real and hard fought.

The book is easy to read, full of well-seasoned advice and the end of every section has strategic, powerful and ACTIONABLE items for you to do – each important and thought-provoking. It covers strategy for voice, branding, relationship building and revenue, but the most interesting thing the book does (in my mind) is that it also covers the psychology of bloggers. It may be geared toward fashion/style bloggers, but anyone who has spent any length of time in the blogosphere and is thinking about turning their site into a business will see themselves in these discussions as well.

I’ve been to a number of “mom blog” conferences and have heard a lot of panels discuss a lot of what is covered in this book, but even with that experience I found this book to challenge me to think just a little differently – and that is hard to do.

If you have any interest in looking at your site as a business – in any form, and no matter what blogging niche you are part of – I’d really tell you to grab a highlighter, this book and your brain. You won’t regret it.

Thanks, Yuli – this is a great way to kick off 2012.

Buy it at Amazon: Hardcopy | Kindle

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