With Blue Satin Sashes

December 16, 2011


In my mind’s eye there is a box that holds it all. Every sound, every smell, every taste, every word, every moment. It is filled with raucous laughter and crushing tears and unspoken conversations and big band music. All of the things I packed away so I could just find a way to turn the page or do what needed to be done or, I don’t know, just continue to breathe or function or live.

It’s a small box. White. It has a lid and is tied with a lovely blue silk-satin ribbon. A soft bow, hand tied with just the right amount of attention paid to it. It sits on a shelf in my head – far in the back – never discarded carelessly, but far enough to where it would take great effort and strength of mind and heart to reach it.

These are the stories that never make it to scrapbooks or photo albums or journal pages or blog posts. They are the chapters that stand alone, perfectly imperfectly pure.

There have been times when life pushes in and a door cracks open that light catches an edge of the ribbon. I see that time has slightly frayed the edges and loosened the knot a bit – the corners of the box just faintly aged.

In hard times my head tells me to pull the end – untie it — but the ache in my heart thinks twice. So I stand there letting my thumb walk over the slightly frayed edges, adjust the bow and leave it be.

There are better ways to keep and organize these bits of my story, these pieces of life. I know this. But for the times that have no photographs and the moments that don’t live on paper, this is where they live – gently and reverently placed.

There are memories made to share with others – or with the world – and there are others that are just for me. And I’m an expert bow maker.

Thank you to LiveOn for sponsoring this blog post. Please visit LiveOn to learn more about sharing and preserving your most important memories. I was selected for this sponsorship by Clever Girls Collective. Although story ideas were provided, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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One Response to “With Blue Satin Sashes”

  1. Knighton Says:

    the chapters that stand alone, perfectly imperfectly pure

    beautiful words, friend. like you