Life List: Master Winged / Liquid Eyeliner

December 8, 2011


winged eyeliner

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I spend a lot of time looking at magazines and editorial images. It’s a hobby and a sickness really. But lately I’ve been fascinated by the look of liquid eyeliner and the dramatic “winged” look I’ve seen with a great red lip.

Like this:

See? Perfection.

Now, this is not a look I can sport every day – it’s a bit severe for the school carpool schlepping days – but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sporting or learning how to apply it.

Liquid eyeliner was always something of a mystery to me. I’ve used a stiff, squared off brush and a pot of gel eyeliner successfully, so I was sure this wouldn’t be too daunting. Mostly. But I felt like I needed some professional assistance in picking the right color and learning the best way to apply it – so off to the Lancome counter I went.

I’ve long been a fan of Lancome’s mascaras, but recently I’d liked everything I’d read about their liquid eyeliners as well. I met one of Lancome’s regional make up artists, Don, at the counter in my local department store and here is what I learned.

1. Always apply your liquid eyeliner AFTER you have finished your mascara. The mascara allows your skin to remain taught and helps to provide an easier surface to put on the liquid eyeliner.

2. Hold the outer corner of the eye slightly taught (not too much – it’s delicate skin) and raise your eyebrows to allow for a smooth surface. You don’t want any blank “skipped” space to lack color because your skin was folded over a bit.

3. Don’t attempt to draw one smooth line. Make smaller dashes and connect them as you go. Work from the outer corner inward. Once the dashes are mostly connected you can go back over them lightly in a smoother stroke.

Like so.

4. Until you are really comfortable or skilled with this product, opt for a lighter color. Black and brighter colors are unforgiving and, if you mess up, you will end up having to do your ENTIRE eye over again. This can get frustrating.

I chose a gorgeous new color called “Ice Black” which is a pewter-black that really looks great on any skin tone (and is very forgiving).

5. Liquid eyeliners are really for the top lash line. Powders and pencils are for the lower.

6. A quick swipe of a complimentary color in the lower waterline of your eye adds an awful lot of drama.


I’m glad I did this. Truly. I was reminded that makeup routines can get stale and adding a little extra skill or new product can pump some new life and interest into a look. This eyeliner adds almost no time to my current routine and in an instant I have a new look that I really like. (I got lots of compliments from random folks – including Benjamin’s teacher – on the transformation.)

I think I’ll keep it. And I think I’ll work up to the strong black winged liner and red lip for a power look. Life List: check!

Product used: Lancome Artliner in Ice Black. Drugstore equivalent: L’Oreal Lineur Intense


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2 Responses to “Life List: Master Winged / Liquid Eyeliner”

  1. Christine Says:

    Oh my – I love that color of the eyeliner! I’m going to have to check that out!