Life List: Find the Perfect Pair of Cowboy Boots – Giveaway!

November 28, 2011


outsidevoice cowboy boots giveaway
Photography by Christine Tremoulet

Growing up in Texas you learn a lot about the history of things around here. You grow up surrounded by stories. We’re a proud sort — only New Yorkers rival our level of state pride, and we’re okay with that. We understand them. They are, in that sense, our northern twin souls.

For all the metropolitan areas around the state, there still remains that connection to the old west – the farming and ranching histories. The battles and wars for independence. The scrappy “we’ll take care of this” attitude that has built families and businesses and industries. Not surprisingly there’s a lot of swagger in Texas.

It’s because of the boots.

There’s just something about a pair of cowboy boots. That little extra swing in your hips, the jolt of confidence and attitude, the knowledge that you just might be able to kick someone’s ass at any given minute if a bar fight broke out. These are good skills.

I’ve never owned a pair of my own. Crazy, right?! How do you grow up here and not own a pair of cowboy boots?

Well, it’s simple. I have a huge amount of respect for cowboys and cowgirls – the real ones. The ones whose boots are scuffed and broken in and full of dirt and stories because all of that was hard-earned. All of that came from their real life. And those boots resting on a barstool had stories I could never live up to.

I sort of felt like an impostor in a pair. I know this makes no sense to anyone not inside my head, but that’s how I felt. But then I started thinking about it differently. I don’t ranch, I’ve never broken a horse and the science of crops eludes me – but I’ve got my own stories to tell. Good ones. And thanks to my interest in a Life List I plan to add even more interesting stories. I’ve come think that should my own pair of boots rest on a barstool somewhere I could do them proud. I believe I could honor the tradition of the boots.

And so on the Life List it went: Find the perfect pair of cowboy boots – and you know what happened? Langston’s Western Wear found me – and they wanted to help me find my boots.

outsidevoice boot giveaway

I love the Internet.

And I FOUND THEM. I found them in Dan Post boots. I love every thing about them. They are comfortable (seriously), slightly broken in and look like they have a story attached to them. I promise you this: they are going to have some great stories attached to them shortly.

Want to know the first story? I’M GIVING A PAIR OF DAN POST BOOTS AWAY TO A LUCKY READER! Guys or gals – doesn’t matter.

The folks at Langston’s, they’re good people. You should get get to know them.

Here’s all you have to do:
1. Leave a comment – and in this comment tell me how or where you would wear your boots (or give the boots to someone!) to create a story of your own.
2. Be sure to leave a valid email address so you can be contacted if you win.
3. While it’s not required to enter or win, and there is no extra entry for it, if you’d consider “liking” Langston’s Facebook page, I’d sure appreciate you showing them some love. Good people deserve to have good things happen to them.

Winner will be randomly drawn Friday at 5:00pm CST.

Because it’s the holiday season and you guys are amazing, Langston’s is offering you guys 20% off all orders over $100 through December 4, 2011. Just enter “voice” as the discount code! There are lots of great things besides boots there. (Hint: JEANS.)

Good luck to everyone! I can’t wait to read your comments, plans and stories – you guys are fascinating.


UPDATED! Congratulations, SaraJoy! You are now a person who wins things – you are now a new boot owner! I’ll reach out to you this weekend with information on how to pick out your new boots. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who entered – I truly enjoyed reading your stories!

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94 Responses to “Life List: Find the Perfect Pair of Cowboy Boots – Giveaway!”

  1. Lori Miller Says:

    I’m a “Yankee” from Pennsylvania, and I love cowboy boots! I wear them everywear! They are the perfect accessory to a lot of my outfits. I think it’s all in the attitude of the wearer. If you have the swagger to put in the boots, you can wear ‘ em!

  2. Irma Says:

    When I wear my boots (a girl can never have too many pairs) its like a party on my feet. Best times. Ever.

  3. Mir Says:

    I would wear them to PTO meetings. Just to confuse people.

  4. Shannon Says:

    I too am a life long Texas who has never owned a pair of boots! I’d love a pair! You look awesome in yours! You rock Pam!

  5. Andrea Says:

    I would wear them to run errands, go to work, and just around the house for fun!

  6. Jo Lynn Noe Says:

    What a great pair of boots – fingers are crossed!

  7. Julie Walker Says:

    Have been longing for a pair just like this! Short skirt, tights, suede jacket would become my new work-from-home uniform.

  8. Melissa Comisar Says:

    I’m one of those imposter cosmopolitan Texans who has been wearing boots as long as I can remember. I especially like wearing them on days when I need a little emotional boost and want to feel like a “big girl.” There is something comforting and confidence building about having all that rugged leather hugging your feet, ankles, and calves. Unfortunately, my feet grew a size post baby-birthing, and my now too-small-for-me boots sit quietly and unused in the back of my closet. Scoring a new pair of boots would be a kick!!

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    LOVE me some BOOTS! I could wear them every day. This girl could NEVER have too many pairs. Boots for workin’ the ranch (ie.walking around to see the cows), boots for horseback riding, boots work 9-5 work, boots for social occasions, boots for rodeo. Boots are amazingly comfortable for those with back problems.

    Honestly…my Dan Post boots are my fav and would love to add another pair!

    • pamlewis Says:

      They really ARE great if you have a back problem, aren’t they?!

      And mine are going to help me tackle the horseback riding part of my life list next! Good luck!

  10. Whitney Says:

    Wow! Awesome boots! My husband and I were planning on giving each other cowboy boots for our 3rd anniversary (leather) this year, but we still haven’t found the perfect ones. I LOVE these!

  11. MainlineMom Says:

    Dude. I want those boots. I have a TOTAL impostor pair of Steve Maddens that don’t even look like real cowboy boots in the least. I was too embarrassed by them to even wear them two-stepping. I think if I had a really good pair of cowboy boots I’d wear them everywhere. They’d likely replace my Uggs for good. My coworker work hers under her wedding dress because they were so comfortable and her style. I’m a Texan now, I need boots.

  12. Kacy Says:

    I would probably wear them just about every day to work. Never hurts to have a good pair of cowboy boots!

  13. tim Says:

    I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots either and it’s been on my mind a lot lately! But I’m a boy… do I count? 😉 I’d wear them to work and as many other places as possible

  14. Kathleen Says:

    These are gorgeous! I’d don them while chasing toddlers!

    • pamlewis Says:

      And we all know anyone in charge of toddlers needs all the “oomph” they can get. Good luck! 😉

  15. April Says:

    I completely understand where you’re coming from :: “stories I could never live up to”, but I think I’m about to enter the year full of times to wear ‘a new best friend on my feet’ …

    1/25/12 :: my 39th birthday
    5/12/12 :: first born’s 18th birthday
    6/9/12 :: first born’s high school graduation {G-d willing}
    7/18/12 :: 15 year anniversary with #FireDude
    9/12 :: last year of middle school for the Pipsqueak begins

    Thanks for posting this ;D

    Good Luck y’all!

  16. jason Says:

    My current pair of boots have a hole in both soles. My boots have a hole in their soles. The stories write themselves from there.

  17. elz Says:

    Thank all that is good and holy that you FINALLY have a pair of boots. Seriously, woman, it was getting ridiculous.

    My boots? Well, I don’t think you need to ask. My boots would live at our Property. There’s LOTS of stories out there just wating to be told. We have brush to move and acres to clean. We have feeders to fix, fill, and manage. I have trails that need to be explored with my girls. I have fields of bluebonnets to plant. I need boots to help me get the house in shape and fix the fences. I need a pair of strong boots to live at the ranch. And, maybe occassionally go out for some BBQ and a little dancing!

    • pamlewis Says:

      These boots would need to catch up to all the stories waiting for them! Good luck! xo

      PS. I haz boots! 🙂

  18. Jess Says:

    I’d wear them all winter!!! I want to win!

  19. Renee Hendricks Says:

    Oddly enough, those of us in the Pacific Northwest are often depicted with cowboy boots and hats (the reality is, we’re very flannel). I would make a point of wearing these boots *everywhere*. Especially while out battling the forces of nature (the ones plotting to place every leaf in the county on *our* lawns).

  20. ashley Says:

    The hubby and I have been trekking around the North this Thanksgiving – from Chicago to rural PA and back again. We’re contemplating (read: actively planning) a move north and I have found myself unexpectedly homesick. Though I’m not a native Texan, I’m in the “got here as fast as I could” column and consider it my home since I’ve spent the majority of my life here.

    Due to my (cheerfully) contrary nature, I find that when I’m out of town (especially up north) I want people to KNOW that I’m from Texas. And while I’m sure my slight twang and my affection for burnt orange would identify me as such, I’m pretty sure a badass pair of cowboy boots would remove all doubt.

  21. Stacey Nerdin @ Tree, Root, and Twig Says:

    I have never owned a pair of boots, ever. Which means I might have to start with baby steps and just wear the boots around the house at first! 🙂 But I’m sure I could quickly graduating to wearing them to the store, out on date night, you name it. And since it looks like we’ll be staying in Texas for a lot longer than I had planned, it’s seems if I can’t beat ’em, join ’em! 😉

  22. Yvette Says:

    I own a pair that I bought just last year! (It only took me 25 years!) Outside of wearing them around town or to the Rodeo, which is why I bought them, my favorite place is a good country bar named Blancos. Blancos has the old wooden dance floor, colored christmas lights all year round and a great jukebox full of old and new country music. Those barstools are where boots belong.

  23. Carol Felan Says:

    It’s getting cold and you can’t be a true Texan without a good pair of cowboy boots. So these would be a staple in my daughters wardrobe. She’d wear them with ….everything! It’s one of the 2 things on her Christmas list.

  24. Elissa Says:

    First of all, I love those pictures of you in your boots. You look amazing!

    I’m a relocate to Texas, bu
    Y way of NYC. I never understood the whole cowboy boot thing. Sure, I noticed women who wore them. They walked with a certain amount of swagger and confidence. Somehow they managed to seem both worldly and down to earth. Their boots made them distinctive, stylish, and fun. In my own pair of boots, I’d hope to feel exactly the same way. And as a newly minted Texan, wearing a pair of cowboy boots as great as yours would make me feel right at home.

  25. Knighton Says:

    I love boots. All kinds of boots. But especially cowboy boots. Mostly for the swagger, of course.

    And since it’s cooler (ish) weather again, I’m pulling mine into the near-daily rotation. Because cowboy boots go everywhere, and you can wear them with anything. I even wore mine to New York – you remember that trip.

    And I’m with Ellie – about damn time.

    Now. Let’s go ride some horses.

  26. blyger Says:

    I would LOVE to give these boots to my daughter. She has just started riding lessons and these boots would definitely make her the coolest chick in the stables 🙂


  27. Tracy Ritzwoller Dombek Says:

    I grew up in Houston then lived away from Texas for 10 years. Now that I am back I love cowboy boots, not only are they stylish not just for cowboys/girls anymore, but also so comfortable. I’ve traded in the stilettos for cowboy boots and love these that you have found. I do not have a brown pair and I would love to add these to my closet. Love your blog.

  28. Jana Says:

    If I won, I’d wear my boots just like I’ve worn every other pair that I’ve owned. I’d wear them everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. I’d wear them when I’m riding horses, I’d wear them to the feed store, I’d even wear them to church. By the time I retired them to the back of the closet, you can bet they’d have a good story or two to tell!

  29. Lesli Says:

    I have never had my own pair of cowboy boots. Would love a pair tho. I would wear them when wearing a dressier jean outfit, like to a concert!

  30. hellohahanarf Says:

    Oh how I love Dan Post boots! Since I lost every pair of cowboy boots I owned in the flood, I have to admit I would totally keep these if I would be lucky enough to win. I do so miss the look of my legs propped up with boots sticking outta my jeans.
    This proud Pittsburgher thanks you and Dan Post boots for the chance at winning!

  31. Sara Joy Says:

    You look like you belong in them. 🙂 People are always shocked when I expound the comfort of a quality pair of boots, and Dan Post are some of the best. A new pair would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe, most of mine have a few too many miles to wear anywhere but a horse barn. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  32. tina phillips Says:

    My 16 yr old son would love me forever if I could give him these for Christmas!!!

  33. Janet Hoover Says:

    I think I would wear them everywhere! I want red ones.

  34. Lana Says:

    I’d love a pair of red ones. Makes me feel tall in Texas! With a cute skirt of course. Lol!

  35. Trista Says:

    I would wear them out on the town to show my pride 🙂 OR as my good friend did – in hr wedding pics while on their horses 🙂 super cute pic! tristazmail yahoo com

  36. Trista Says:

    ps. liked on fb 🙂 tristazmail yahoo com fb-trista zollars

  37. Dawn Gordon Says:

    Calves embraced by the southern lifestyle,
    Real Texan culture worn on heels,
    Sexy style with country charm,
    Slender worn blue jeans tucked inside of boots,
    An exotic flair to my winter wardrobe in my closet,
    An eccentric and conversational accessory,
    Alluring the sense of fashion sight,
    A second glance and longer stares,
    On many an eye that shall gaze upon the winners’ feet.

    ( i am a poet, thought to get creative with the entry)

  38. lisa Says:

    I know it might sound crazy, but I would wear them to ride my horse! Yee Ha.

  39. Tay Says:

    Where would I not wear them? From the grocery store to church, they will be on my feet! 🙂

  40. Samantha C. Says:

    I don’t have any boots and this would be a great addition to my wardrobe!!!

  41. Courtney B Says:

    I’ve been riding horses for 16 years and still love getting a new pair of boots. I wear boots every day because they are comfortable and being ready for the barn at any moment is a plus! Oh and I never say no to getting new dress boots, I love them!

  42. Lisa Poverud Says:

    I would love to wear them with my black ruffled short skirt dress! Rock on!

  43. Holly Marie Folkerts Says:

    I’m in dire need of a new pair. I wear mine everywhere… We’ve been through some pretty hairy situations (a bad car accident & several breakups). We’ve been through some pretty amazing things too. I think its about time to retire old reliable and get some new boots.

  44. randy saunders Says:

    I am a young grandfather from Kentucky, and wear western boots all of the time, so theses great Dan Post boots would make a great Christmas present for me!

  45. randy saunders Says:

    I “like” Langston’s on Facebook!

  46. Laura J Says:

    I’d wear them everywhere in the non-sandal season. Boots go with everything!

  47. Jackie Craig Says:

    I’m from KY, living in a more tropical location now. I’d wear my new boots anywhere and everywhere I could! I miss those days of jumping up on the horse and taking a ride in my boots, or doing a two step at the western bar where they play real country and blue grass music. . . ahhh memories all wrapped up in leather!

  48. Rachel Leann Says:

    I’d love to win these for my husband, this would be great for a christmas gift, he would love them.

  49. Chris DeHart Says:

    I’d like to win these. I’d wear them almost everywhere. I’ve loved cowboy boots since I was a little kid.

  50. kelly Says:

    i have never owned cowboy boots but if I did I would wear them everywhere!

  51. Tina Rath Says:

    I love Dan Post Boots. Bought a pair in 1984 and finally need a new pair. They wear well and maintain their appearance for years. I wear boots with almost everything – dressy with dress pants – casual with levis – and even with my skirts.

  52. Kammy Wielenga Says:

    I’m a country girl originally from Iowa and LOVE cowboy boots. I have a pair that are too big for me right now and need to double up on socks. Help! I want to win! I wear them with everything!

  53. Tabitha Evans Says:

    i’d give them to my sister

  54. Jamie Adkins Says:

    i would wear them when i horseback ride!

  55. Susan Todd Says:

    love, love, love your Dan Post boots. you’ve inspired me to go look for my perfect pair!

  56. Jackie Griebel Says:

    I would give these to my son’s girlfriend who is very trendy and just started college!

  57. Chloe Says:

    I would love to expand my boot collection!

  58. Katherine Sullivan Says:

    Sweet boots! I would wear them (all the time) but with a pair of skinny jeans or maybe to a country concert! The last country show I went to, I wore flip flops 🙂

  59. Anna Says:

    I would love a pair. I always had a pair growing up in Texas and never really wore them except at the rodeo for novelty. It wasn’t until I went to school in Nashville that I really turned them into an everyday staple. Now I can’t get enough of them anywhere I go!

  60. Lindsay Says:

    Funny story- my sister just recently snagged my grandma’s cowboy boots (that ::I:: wore in my 10th grade production of footloose, thank you very much) instead of them going to me during my grandma’s thanksgiving purge-a-thon. So, I’m definitely needing to assuage the hurt with a pair of my very own cowboy boots… and as my grandma “Ema” would say, the timing is “beshert” 😉

    Those babies would get rocked with jeans, leggings, and maybe a sweater dress or two!

  61. Mercedes Says:

    My family and especially my husband’s family have ranching roots. His parents still have cattle, as a matter of fact. Here in Las Vegas, however, things have a different vibe. I’d wear them about town to show that you can be fashionable and still be proud of your roots at the same time.

  62. Karen Says:

    Boots are magical! I love wearing them on days that I know I’m going to be staring down a particularly difficult situation (or person!), just so I’ve got that extra little bit of “oh, yeah, I’ve GOT THIS” swirling about me wherever I go. My all-time favorite pair of black cowboy boots–purchased for me in 1990 by my dad–unfortunately disappeared somewhere in the early 2000’s during my “I must move every year like clockwork” trend. Happy Swagger to the lucky winner!

  63. anissa Says:

    I never owned a pair of cowboy boots before but always wanted to being from the South.

  64. Debra L Says:

    I have a barn wedding to go to in February and these would be great!

  65. Jorja Says:

    pammer, i would kick ass in those cowboy boots! i am a boot girl for sure, having grown-up in mississippi and loving alt country music my whole life. they would get lots of wear and, if i must say, i would look damn good in them there boots! 😉

  66. Michele Says:

    I never felt comfortable in cowboy boots either…for much the same reasons (I also feel like an imposter in a push up bra so I might be a little sensitive), but since I moved, I feel the inner Texan in me more and more! Both girls and Mike have a pair, but I outgrew mine when I was pregnant. Would wear them anywhere!

  67. Crystal Says:

    As awesome as they look with your dress, I’d have to pair them with jeans! They would work with almost anything, though!

  68. Raejean Says:

    You look cute wearing the boots with a dress. I’m not sure I could pull that off, but I’d wear them all the time with jeans!

  69. Cari Jordan Says:

    Hi! It is so neat you’re doing this, and I’m really glad I found your blog, too! I totally agree about NY. 🙂

    You did find a perfect boot! I want them so bad myself but… I know exactly what I’d do if I won.

    My cousin, in Nebraska, is a major Texas fan. Anything Texas, especially Longhorn football. (woo!) She even watches shows with Texas in them to dream about where she wants to visit. 🙂 Anyway…

    She wants to come down next year and go all around for her 40th birthday. I would give her the new boots as a milestone birthday present and take her to Joe T Garcia’s for a margarita & TexMex, then over to Billy Bob’s. She would be in heaven!

    Thanks for the opportunity and Congrats to whoever wins! I’ll be checking out Dan Post now. (while I should be working, haha)

  70. hope Says:

    there’s a kind of Texas pride that overtakes me whenever i wear cowboy boots. nothing better than a white tee and jeans…oh and very cool jewelry. but the boots make the attitude! thanks for the opportunity with this amazing giveaway!

  71. Claire Says:

    I’d wear them everywhere! Hah… I’d be known as the girl in the cowboy boots 😉

  72. Trisha Says:

    I have story, the story of a girl from the country who was separated from her favorite pair of boots. I have been looking for them ever since. It started when I was 17, I had worked so hard to buy this beautiful pair of cognac colored cowboy boots. Growing up where I did, I did not have a lot of money so it was a big splurge for me but I had to have them! It was love at first site and I wore them all the time. Then I went off to school but had to live in a cheap apartment, again because of cost of living. Well, rent came due and I had to sell those boots to pay some bills. Broke my heart. So to this day I have been been looking for those replacement boots. You would make this cowgirl’s dream come true if I could be reunited to wear them all over Austin! Thanks for the opportunity!

  73. tina Says:

    As a life long Texan,I always thought wearing a pair of boots was too country. I’d by lying since I’ve always lived in the suburbs. I never thought I could be representing TX w/a rocking, edgy pair of boots like those. I’d pair them w/leather shorts, skirts and of course denim!

    tinatre at msn dot com

  74. Sharon B. Says:

    I’d give these boots to my 60-year old South Jersery mother. Last year when she visited me in Austin we searched and searched for a pair. It was an adventure, but, sadly, she went back east empty-handed. It would be fun to have these under the tree for her.

  75. Karen Chitty-Boe Says:

    I have never been able to wear regular boots…I am unfortunately bow-legged!!! (hmmm, is that a cowboy thing?!) Only recently I realized that cowboy boots won’t accentuate those unsightly curves!! I would LOVE to own a pair of boots…and I would wear them everywhere!

  76. Robin Craig Says:

    I have wild and wonderful 6 year old daughter who is OBSESSED with horses! She’s ADHD, so getting her to focus on anything is very difficult. but when she rides she is completely in the zone. Horseback riding lessons are a stretch for our budget, so she rides in sneakers. She recently had a horse step on her foot and is now terrified of leading her lesson horse into the ring. These boots would help protect her feet and hopefully give her back her confidence on the ground next to these large animals. Plus, she LOVES cowboy boots and would wear them everywhere.


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