Challenge: Building & Maximizing a Fall Wardrobe

October 10, 2011


building and maximizing a fall wardrobe closet

Yesterday I spent some time in my closet and with my seasonal shopping list. I wanted to see if I could build a classic, somewhat timeless and well-edited Fall wardrobe – and I wanted to see how few pieces I’d need to do that. You see, fall lasts a long time down here, so I wanted a collection that I wouldn’t get tired of quickly. I may be wearing these clothes for four or five months. Also, I wanted to transform my inspiration board into an application board and I knew that if I focused on the basics I would get more wear, options and flexibility without sacrificing style.

There are only forty-three items up there including all clothing, shoes and various accessories. Forty-three. That’s all. I don’t own all of these specific items, but I may own at least a version of them. Some are up for purchase soon, some are a wish list item for the holidays, but for the most part this is a peek inside my current and future closet.

That being said, what is not on there are a few other staples that are constants in my wardrobe. Things like white t-shirts (also, black and grey) and a little black dress (important, but not often used these days). Also not featured are any of my handbags or jewelry collection. Those are the all-important trimmings to the core outfits and will add the extra dash of delightful, edge, sultry or whimsy needed to freshen up the look. There are other shoes available to me as well, but these are the ones I may grab first – including a pair of black flats yet to be named.

In the coming cooler weeks I will be using this inspiration board to form all of my outfits (with shopping links) and show you how I mix and match them either from my own head or from an inspiration picture. Not quite as restrictive as the 15:30 challenge, but still, a narrow focus.

Want the list? Here you go! (Shopping links for actual or similar items where appropriate)

Navy blazer | Brown leather jacket | Black leather jacket | Denim jacket | Red blazer | Trench coat | Red maxi skirt | Grey maxi skirt | Black maxi skirt | Navy maxi skirt | Navy pleated mini skirt | Black lace mini skirt | White jeans | Straight leg jeans | Skinny jeans | Khaki chinos | Black pants | Army green skinny cargo pants | Grey sweater | Navy sweater | Green patterned sweater | Camel sweater | Navy striped top | Denim top | Black leather t-shirt | Leopard top | White oxford shirt | White lace shirt | Green belt | Red belt | Leopard belt | Black/brown belt | Black penny loafers | White Converse | Leopard flats | Red flats | Black Converse | Leopard heels | Flat black riding boots | Flat brown riding boots | Orange scarf | Leopard scarf | Red scarf

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2 Responses to “Challenge: Building & Maximizing a Fall Wardrobe”

  1. Karen L. Says:

    These are great picks! I can’t wait to see what you put together with the wardrobe.