Friday Collections

October 7, 2011


With the news of Steve Jobs’ death, it began to feel like, for a few moments, we were all sort of lost. With him at the helm of Apple there was always a sense of moving forward, the next great thing – or his famous “one more thing”. I’m not sure who tweeted this that night, but it completely summed up how I felt,

“It feels like the future is just a little farther away now.”


Since then, I’ve thought about that sense of feeling lost – and how it became a sense of quiet wandering. And so, this collection is all about the journey…

… on a city sidewalk… where an artist makes discarded chewing gum beautiful

… in bold shoes that bring you to new places…

…with an old friend and warm heart…

…and a new toy to capture it all.

Thanks, Steve, for enhancing our journey. May yours be extraordinary.

We’ll see you back here Monday – have a great weekend, everyone — xo

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2 Responses to “Friday Collections”

  1. Teri Says:

    Pam, I so very much admire your writing ability. You always make me cry. Such beautiful words.