Friday Collections

September 30, 2011


Personal style and taste are two ever-evolving things.  The things you loved ten years ago just may not be your cup of tea today.  While most of my clothing choices tend to hover in the “classic” category, I am finding more and more that my home decor tastes are changing these days.  It’s odd, and I’m not sure I trust these new interests to be anything more than a fleeting “shiny object” sort of response. But, if I look at the things I seem to be pinning over on my home board at Pinterest, it appears a white wall may be in my future.

For those that just fell off their chairs, I AM AWARE.

Villa + Villa Dining Room

Entryway from House Beautiful

There is just something about the clean, elegant lines.  It may be my renewed interest in art – and wanting a fantastic way to showcase a find.  Or it may just be a longing for simplicity and an uncluttered lifestyle.  Either way, I feel a house reboot coming on…

In other news, this Kenneth Jay Lane Snakeskin Enamel Ring needs to get on my finger immediately if not sooner.

Three words: CAP TOE BOOTS. A must-have. Available at Zara. (Image via Glitter Guide)

And lastly, everything is better with goat cheese. Everything. Here the Hungry Mouse helps you fry it. GET ON IT.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend — we’ll see you back here Monday!

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2 Responses to “Friday Collections”

  1. gayle Says:

    Fabulous fashion and decor. Looking forward to seeing more.