Animal Style – How to Wear Red and Leopard Print Accessories

August 25, 2011


Once again the fall issues of fashion magazines and all the stores are showing leopard as a key part of any well-shopped fall wardrobe. Leopard can be tricky, but don’t fear it. It’s really just another version of a neutral – and neutrals go with anything, remember?

Leopard’s natural best friends are red and black. They are not hard to put together, but there are rules, and these rules keep you from looking like you belong either in the front row of The Price is Right or leaning against a street lamp after midnight.

Rule: Pick one accessory to stand out.
The key is light-handedness with leopard and with red. You are not in costume and are not performing in Cats off-Broadway. You want attractive, polished and casually, elegantly thrown together. Nine red items is overkill. One is interesting. Example:

Rule: Do not match belt, shoes and purse.
My mother and my grandmother are chasing me with a bat right now for printing that, but it’s true. The days of flat-looking “matchy matchy” are over. Give yourself some visual interest by keeping your accessories cohesive, but not exact. Leopard scarf + red shoes + black belt and bag works just fine and are some terrific basics on which to build multiple outfits. Here’s an example:

Each of these outfits is easily translatable to dressier occasions as well. Change to a black pencil skirt and white blouse, the shoes become leopard pumps and grab a red clutch – voila! You’re ready for just about anything. Bonus points if you rock the red pumps and a leopard clutch.

Are you a leopard girl?

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