Day One of School: The Last and the Middle

August 22, 2011


Today is Day One of Fifth Grade for Leah and Transitional Kindergarten for Benjamin. The first day of the last year of elementary school – and the first day of a “bridge year” for Benjamin.

There’s a lot riding on this year. There is hard work and harder work, maturing and accepting, preparation and decisions about next steps all over the place. There are new activities and endless appointments, stretch goals and consequences, stringent consistencies and buckets of uncertainties.

But it’s going to be a great year. Because along with all of that come accomplishments and failures – each with their own lessons. Hearts expand and tempers flare and laughs are shared and tears are dried and at the end of all of this there is summer again.

But for now it’s Day One – and time to get started.

Wishing everyone a wonderful first day – and a year filled with success and moments.

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