British Fetish

July 21, 2011


Chair: British Route Designs, Alexander McQueen ‘Skull Box Clutch’, Hunter Wellies, Jessica & Ash Bettenay via Design Sponge, Butter London ‘Racing Green’, Harrods Department Store, Chest – Sheridan French, Kate, Dutchess of Cambridge

I spend a good deal of time browsing the internet looking for the interesting or the inspiring, the weird and the fascinating, the unique and the pretty. Between Twitter or Tumblr or Pinterest I stumble across things I would never see in my own city – or even in my own country.

The other day on the outsidevoice Facebook page I posed a question that asked, “What city do you belong in?” You see, it occurred to me that Houston may not be my soul’s city. I’m not sure I know which city really fits that bill, but lately I’ve been recognizing a theme in my “oh, wows!” – and they are almost all decidedly tied to the UK in some way.

I’m trying to figure out what it is about UK-based designs or aesthetics that appeals to me. I’ve never traveled there, but it seems like I should. There’s a worldly and sensible approach to their design. Perhaps that’s it.

The collage above is just a quick collection of things that caught my eye on Pinterest. In the next few days I’ll share a few UK finds you guys might enjoy as well. In the meantime, feel free to play therapist and figure out my british fetish.

Just do it in a sexy english accent.

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