Shop It To Me: Worth a Look

July 6, 2011


Last week through Twitter I stumbled upon a neat website that could, quite possibly, cut down on the numbers of shopping related emails that bombard my inbox on a daily basis – Shop It To Me.

Imagine you have a personal assistant that spends all day browsing the internet and collecting ONLY the sales on the specific brands in which you’re interested? Oh! AND! That lovely assistant only sends you emails about those exact things when you want it? Once a week? Twice a week? Daily? No problem. Women’s? Men’s? Kids?

Well, congratulations! You do now.

That’s the concept behind Shop It To Me. I’ve test driven this site for a little over a week now – they aren’t kidding. I’ve asked for emails twice a week – and that’s exactly what I get. Perfect.

There are a variety of brands available – high and low. For instance, I’ve selected Hermes and Levis for my alerts. Because, you know, that’s life – an ecclectic mix.

Sound good? YES. Yes it does. Come join me.

Designer brand clothing, shoes & handbags on sale

Full Disclosure: I like these folks so much I asked to be, and am now, a “Trendsetter” for them. That means from time to time I may share some information from them (like a neat sale!) and will provide feedback to them as well. The link above is a personal invitation from me to you, but I will receive some benefit from your membership. You can also click the lovely icon over to the right in my “Shop With Me” sidebar section.

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