War Heels

June 23, 2011


war heels shoes for power
Valentino Couture Bow d’Orsay Pump, Jimmy Choo Captoe Leopard Pump, Alexander McQueen Skull Suede Platform Pump

All via Neiman Marcus

In every woman’s collection there are things that make her feel POWERFUL (all caps). They are not worn every day. They are brought out for the certain occasions that require that extra shock of bravado. Or libido. Or authority.

It has nothing to do with competence. Dressing a fool in Miu Miu only makes that person a fool in glittery shoes. No, this is about dominance. It’s about that extra edge and shot of confidence. It’s a first date, or closing a deal, or meeting the ex. It’s knowing there is some sort of cultural stage you will be performing on – and dressing to demand that spotlight’s attention.

It can be subtle or completely suggestive – for there is power in both. There is no price tag associated with these things – it is merely that they are impeccable in fit, design and effect.

For some it will be a pair of War Heels. A shoe that caps off an outfit or that an outfit is built around. It lengthens the legs, flexes the calf muscles and with four extra inches of height makes you slink across a room or thunder across it like a thoroughbred.

What is it for you? Do you own War Heels?

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9 Responses to “War Heels”

  1. elz Says:

    Oh yes! Several pairs- I prefer to classify one pair as romance heels, one pair as command attention heels, one pair as boss lady heels, etc…

    • pamlewis Says:

      I can totally see you crafting special tags for those shoe boxes. TELL ME YOU HAVE TAGS.

  2. MainlineMom Says:

    Oh hell yeah. Of course I do…several pair.

    I am chuckling at elz calling them “romance heels”. I believe she means “fuck me” heels, no?

  3. Knighton Says:

    I have a few pairs of power heels, too. And of course, one pair of knee-high snake skin boots. Do not f@€K me when I’m wearing my Power Boots.

  4. PammerFan Says:

    Pam, we need some pics of you in those red Valentinos for sure!