Birchbox: Your Mailbox’s Monthly Beauty Party

June 15, 2011


You know all those great, luxury beauty products you read about in the glossies that all the beauty editors die for each month? It’d be so fun to try out of those out, but investing in all of them would be a COSTLY endeavor. Besides? What if you didn’t really like it? And how do you know it’s worth the splurge? There is a LOT of product being shoved in our faces every month day.

Enter Birchbox, my new favorite service. As a subscription service they deliver, every month, a box of four to five well-curated beauty products across multiple categories for me to try. Samples, and even full size packages, of hair, nail, body and skin products arrive like clockwork. And the best part? They come with hints and tips for use and application.

The founders are ex-beauty editors so they know what works, what are the cult-favorites and who are the new brands to watch. It’s like having a beauty industry BFF send you lovely surprises each month. You can find out ahead of time what has shipped to you, but I prefer to be surprised – I like the mailbox party idea.

Here is what I received this month. It’s awesome.

Sample of Kate Spade “Twirl” scent, Laura Geller Baked Blush ‘n Brighten (full size!), Oscar Blandi Olio di Jasmine Hair Serum, Pangea Organics Toner (Normal/Oily Skin), Deborah Lippman Stripper to Go Nail Lacquer Removers

These are not your drugstore brands, friends.

Here is my favorite part. You can join Birchbox in a month-to-month membership for just $10/month (cancel at any time) OR a yearly membership for $110/yr (transfer at any time). To give you an idea of the value, that Laura Geller Baked ‘n Blush product sent this month was worth $29.50 all by itself.

This is fun and a great way to economically branch out into other luxury beauty products. There are points that can be earned towards full size product discounts and specials that are run monthly for favorite products. The Birchbox team wants to be sure you love what you received, you know how to use it and makes it easy for you to buy it if you choose.

You mailbox is tired of only delivering bills and circulars for the grocery store. Give it something fun to do each month. The other boxes will be totally jealous.

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2 Responses to “Birchbox: Your Mailbox’s Monthly Beauty Party”

  1. Mae @ Here in This House Says:

    first off, i LOVE birchbox. (though i’m starting to get a little backlogged on samples.) but what’s super fascinating to me is that we get different stuff!! i guess i shouldn’t be surprised and that just shows that they tailor the contents to your profile. (ps i got that biandi hair oil and LOVED IT. bought it in a heartbeat.)

    • Pam Says:

      Ohh! Good to know! I am trying the hair serum tomorrow, actually. Really looking forward to that one – coarse hair, humidity and high heat tools = hair pain. I used the Laura Geller baked blush/highlighter today – liked it!

      What was in your box this month that was different? I’m curious.