lettergirl Address Stamps – For Signature Envelopes

June 3, 2011


Self Inking Stamp address personalized

Oh, YOU GUYS. My love of stationery and paper knows no boundaries, but LOOK AT THESE! I found them in lettergirl’s etsy shop.

Each of these (and others!) are handcrafted at her studio and available in self-inking or wood handled styles. She can even make one using your own handwriting. Neat.

Never again have a boring envelope. Mail your bills back with a little whimsy and interest.

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4 Responses to “lettergirl Address Stamps – For Signature Envelopes”

  1. Mae @ Here in This House Says:

    Love this!! Definitely going to go check it out. Thanks for feeding my paper problem!!

  2. Knighton Says:

    OMG. I love these!

    Thank you for feeding an addiction. Well done.