Brad Pitt Needs an Intervention

May 17, 2011


All right. That’s it. We’ve had enough, Brad. We’ve put up with your goatees and your need to stretch your style legs. We’ve put up with long hair and short hair, glasses, beards and your esoteric thinking about architecture. We have even put up with your current wife.

But when you start looking like Mickey Roarke just before he fell head-first onto the plastic surgery train things HAVE GOT TO CHANGE. Go find a shower and a hairdresser. Now. (And while you’re at it? Get your wife a sandwich. I think she needs one.)

We miss you, Brad. Come back.

(I personally miss the “Ocean’s Eleven” Brad as well as the “Legends of the Fall” Brad. Which Brad do you miss?)

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2 Responses to “Brad Pitt Needs an Intervention”

  1. stephanie Says:

    Definitely Ocean’s Eleven Brad. What is he doing?! He is wasting the best-looking years of his life looking like… this?

    • Latesha Says:

      30 octobre 202Ns&r1quo;hésite pas, je l’ai fait pour ça ! N’hésite pas non plus à m’envoyer un mail si tu bloques sur une traduction !