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May 9, 2011


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I spend a good deal of time each day online and looking around for things that are interesting or pretty or helpful. A lot of times they solve problems or create inspiration for me — I hope a lot of those times they do the same for you.

Social media and this whole Internet life is great for sharing information — and it’s also great for asking questions. After all who knew there was so much to know about wearing the right bra size?!

I won’t pretend to know it all when it comes to fashion or beauty or cooking or home design, but I like it all an awful lot. I also like you guys an awful lot and want to help you look and feel pretty, eat great (real) food and help you create a home and spaces that inspire you. And laugh. We should all laugh. A lot.

So. Let’s chat. Do you have questions about what to wear or how to wear something, beauty products or routines, great food options or neat, unique home or gift ideas, or…whatever?

I’d love to help.

Here’s my email: outsidevoice [at]

I’m all ears.

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