Outfit of the Day: Black & White & Shiny All Over

April 19, 2011


Photos via Sarah Hubbell at Water Water Everywhere

When a conference’s opening reception theme in New Orleans is Mardi Gras, you know you’re going to need a black and white palette to showcase the beads and masks about to be thrust upon you. I eschew the typical purple, gold and green beads, however, for The Find of the trip: The Necklace.

I found this lovely at United Apparel Liquidators (or UAL) on Chartres St. For those that are new to UAL, it is sort of like a TJ Maxx, but for the significant designers. Best of all UAL has an eBay Store, too! While I was there I found Alexander Wang, Vera Wang and a HOST of other lines, but, alas, nothing fit just so. This bauble was waiting patiently in the jewelry case for me, however, and it took all of about 2.5 seconds for me to snatch it up.

I possibly want to sleep in it.

I loved it so much it replaced a necklace I had brought with me to wear that evening. Good thing, too, because I met Chef John Besh. I’m sure the sparkle was key to our conversation.

Mom 2.0 Summit-0035

Shirt: J. Crew (no longer available)
Pants: Banana Republic (no longer available)
Belt: Banana Republic (no longer available)
Shoes: Calvin Klein (no longer available)
Necklace: UAL
Purse: Gryson for Target (no longer available)

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2 Responses to “Outfit of the Day: Black & White & Shiny All Over”

  1. Mandy Says:

    You gorgeous thang!!!