L’Oreal Kerastase Nutritive Oleo Relax: I will be buried with this

April 19, 2011


Conditioner curly thick coarse hair relax

My hair is unbelievably coarse with tight curls and frizz. Think Juliana Marguiles before she found a great stylist. I typically see African-American stylists because they know how to work with my hair better. They understand the CHALLENGE.

Growing up my mother had no idea what to do with my hair – nor did I. For years I had short hair that was the absolute definition of a Jew-Fro. I longed for the straight, shiny blonde hair I saw all around me. I wanted braids and ponytails and the healthy glow of tamed folicles. I wanted to be someone else as far as hair was concerned.

It really started to get to me in middle school and by high school I was determined to figure out how to deal with my hair. I had finally grown it long enough to pull back into a banana clip (remember those?), but it wasn’t enough. And then, one day as I sat in class surely not paying much attention, a boy who sat behind me was reaching to catch a pen that had gone flying out of his hand somehow and he swiped my hair.

I spun around and he said, “Wow. Your hair is really soft! I guess I would have never guessed that because it’s so curly, but it IS.”

I’ll never forget how startled I was. I remember not knowing what to say other than, “Um, thanks!” and I remember having an epiphany of sorts that, YES! I had soft hair! That is GOOD. The texture and curl may be ridiculously hard to figure out but OH, MY G-D my hair is SOFT and someone LIKED it.

Shortly thereafter I went to a serious stylist and was introduced to the glory that is the Round Brush and a few other accountrements and I was off to the races.

All of this is to say I am RUTHLESS about hair products most especially conditioners and treatments. L’Oreal’s Kerastase line is SPECTACULAR with all caps and I have it on good authority that the other lines for fine and normal hair are equally as stellar.

Other products in the line include shampoos, serums, intensive conditioners and the greatest anti-humidity hairspray/mist* of all time.

This Nutritive Oleo Relax treatment* is my favorite of the line. It smooths and softens and smells fantastic and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. My hair has a health and shine and movement and doesn’t get greasy by day two. I cannot recommend it enough.

The Kerastase line is only sold in select salons, so look for one near you. (Call the salon to verify they still carry the Kerastase products. The database isn’t always up to date.) Additionally you can buy their products through Amazon. The price point is definitely not the grocery store product level, but the results are completely worth the investment. You need very little product each time you use it so it lasts much longer than you’d imagine.

Get some of this. For serious. It will change your life.

* Affiliate link

Full Disclosure: No product was provided for editorial consideration. This information is provided because I genuinely love this product and think you deserve the best.

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