And then Wolfgang Puck made a video for me…

April 11, 2011


To answer your question, YES. I DIED.

Don’t ever tell me the internet and social media isn’t amazing. This was all precipitated by a simple Foursquare checkin. Yes, those annoying tweets that endlessly tell people where you are.

They also tell the OWNERS where you are — and the smart ones pay attention.

I’ve been a fan of Wolfgang Puck for years. Now I’m a raving fan – and my mother is sending this out to all of her friends.

Thanks, Chef. You made my day.

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7 Responses to “And then Wolfgang Puck made a video for me…”

  1. Styrch Says:

    I think you just gave me a reason to continue to check in on Foursquare. That is so awesome!

  2. Pam Says:

    YES. For all the people that poo-poo Foursquare… THIS IS WHY.

    (Lord, please forgive me for actually using the “Poo Poo” phrase. I’m ashamed.)

  3. Joe Says:

    Awesome! I always thought FourSquare was a gimmick, but this is an extraordinarily clever way to use it. I’m now officially a Wolfgang fan … what a great way to harness a lifelong customer and encourage others to “check in” … he’s got some business savvy.

  4. MainlineMom Says:

    This freakin’ rocks the Kasbah. Do you have any idea? Of course you do! Foursquare FTW!


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