Could You Give Up Wearing Jeans?

February 9, 2011



[I]’ve been thinking a lot about my wardrobe lately. You see, it is almost time for another closet clean out and that is when I start to think about what I REALLY need to keep or REALLY need to buy. (Husband loves this.)

I realized that I own a ridiculous amount of jeans. Ten pairs to be exact. TEN. This bothers me for some reason. Okay, it bothers me for many reasons, but it occurred to me that one of the reasons that really bothers me is that they are a crutch.

I’ve been reading lately about the difference between French and American women in terms of how they view personal style. I’ll admit I marvel at the ease of French women. They always seem so chic. I’ve learned that chic is not necessarily based on what you buy, but creating an effortless look.

But “effortless” does not mean “lazy” and that is what jeans have become: The Lazy Choice. I have an endless array of pants, chinos, skirts and dresses from which to choose, but I never do choose them.

And so, in the tradition of the 15:30 Challenge, I’ve decided to go on a Jean Fast for a few weeks. I’m nuts, I know, but some times it takes tough love to break a nasty habit. And I’m all about a good challenge.

Think about it. Two weeks, maybe three. NO JEANS.

That dread and sinking feeling you feel just now? Is exactly why I’m doing this. I will not be beholden to a pair of denim, no matter how great they make my ass look.

So what do you think? Are jeans a crutch for you, too? Think you could go a few weeks without them?

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6 Responses to “Could You Give Up Wearing Jeans?”

  1. MainlineMom Says:

    AAAAAaahhhh! Could not do it. Well, unless it was summer. I don’t think I have ten pair but at least half a dozen. I view them as the comfortable choice, they just seem warmer and more durable than so many of my pants. Plus many many of my other pants require heels or at least a pretty shoe. I know, excuses excuses.

  2. stephaie Says:

    In the summer, I can go months without them. 🙂 But in the cooler months, I really only wear them on weekends. When I get home from work, I change into gym clothes, then after the gym, into yoga pants or pjs. I actually only own two pairs of jeans. I could probably do without them on weekends if I had to, though.

  3. elz Says:

    I rarely wear jeans. I find that they are a lazy fashion statement. That said, certain occassions call for jeans- at the ranch, the rodeo, park, super cold weekend weather, etc. I’d give up jeans, but not in February, what would I wear to the Rodeo?!

  4. Styrch Says:

    I actually did a mini experiment with this a while back. Dresses. That’s the cure for a jean-less wardrobe for me. But I just can’t give up my jeans. I love them too much.

  5. Amber, theAmberShow Says:

    I haven’t worn jeans since I was 16 (I’m about to turn 29). Last week I bought a pair, and they are sitting in my drawer, still, waiting for their debut.

    I don’t think it’s going to come.

    I try them on and realize how inelegant they look compared to my typical canvas pants and corduroys (Old Navy, $20 and J.Crew, on sale, for the same price, respectively).

    It’s just as easy to pull on a pair of khakis as jeans; just as easy to slip into a cotton blouse as a ratty tee, and just as simple to shrug on a cardigan as a stained hoodie. Just as comfy, too, and just as affordable. So for me, yes! I’ve gone 13 years without them.

    You can do it!


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