Five Fabulous Bloggers You NEED to Know About

January 24, 2011


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My days don’t have a ton of routine to them, except when it comes to riding herd over les kiddos around here. But everyday I do take a troll through my Google Reader for some reading inspiration and these five sites are some of the first I visit. They’re all different in many ways, but each are another side to the prism that makes up my internet experience.

Maggie Mason, Mighty Girl

If you’ve been around the blogging community for any length of time, you’ve probably come across, and hopefully read, Maggie’s book, No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. OR you may have shopped at her original, groundbreaking shopping site, Mighty Goods. But the best part of Mighty Girl are the stories. Maggie has inspired thousands of people to create Life Lists (myself included) and to make life more interesting. More recently, I’ve really enjoyed her dusting off her archives of things written for others in years past. She writes with wit and charm and intellect and a dash of wicked humor and I think you’ll find her as delightful as I do.

Laura Mayes, Blog con Queso

Laura just happens to be Maggie’s partner in crime in Mighty Events, but in her own right is, in one of her favorite words, totally rad. Laura is one of the founders of Kirtsy and an internet powerhouse in great shoes. The Queso showcases Laura’s love of design, food, events and the interesting. Everything is simple and a bit quirky – always with a Texas flavor.


Felicia Sullivan, Author, Foodie, Rockstar

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I wish I could remember how I found Felicia’s site, I’d sure like to thank them for the link. Felicia was the inspiration behind the 15:30 Wardrobe Challenge and since them I’ve become a fan of her writing, her food photography and her knowledge of the beauty and fashion space. She has a gift of language, this woman. It’s never just an outfit post or an image of a panini – it’s a story or a dance or a love letter to what it inspires or memorializes. Felicia is also the author of her memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible from Here – a raw, affecting and difficult story of her childhood.

And if you really want to have some fun, follow her on Twitter.

Katie Armour, The Neo-traditionalist

I will openly admit I’m a little smitten with this site. It plays to my old-school, days-gone-by, handwritten notes-loving, charm and delight, Kate Spade wearing side. Maybe sides. I love the lovely images and her collection. I may not be a hardcore vintage-wearer, but I appreciate her slant and I find myself loving bits and pieces of everything she highlights. Her latest adventure about to launch is an online magazine, Matchbook. I can’t wait to see it.

Leigh, Miss Doxie

Oh, good CHRIST this woman is funny. What’s beyond funny or hysterical? Start there. There just aren’t words for this girl. Leigh is an attorney in Atlanta, recently married (a big surprise to her readers after she took a really long hiatus) and living with some of the most hysterical dachsunds on the planet. Do yourself an enormous favor and go back into her archives for oh, nine or twelve hours. Do yourself a bigger favor and don’t be eating or drinking while you do it. You and your computer screen will thank me later. Tell you what, start here.

Are there any blogs or sites you religiously go read first? I’d love for you to share them in the comments – we can always use more wonderful on the internet!


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One Response to “Five Fabulous Bloggers You NEED to Know About”

  1. Felicia Sullivan Says:

    OMG, Pam. This is so beautiful. A million kisses, hugs, ponies, and thanks! xo