Outfit of the Day: Stylishly Sick

January 19, 2011


The best part of winter is the lovely blanket of white that covers the ground and trees (if you are lucky enough to live where it snows) and the crisp air full of pine and fireplaces that guarantees a good hair day.

The worst part of winter is cold and flu season. I’ve recently had the pleasure of nine days full of open warfare on my sinuses during some cold, wet, grey days. It is less than awesome and the opposite of love. So, inspired by my need to feel BETTER and HUMAN and WELL, here is “Stylishly Sick”: When you just need to feel less like a truck ran over you.

Like that hot chocolate? You can find the recipe over on my accessorywhore tumblr site.

Click on any of the pieces to find out more information or where to purchase. (Note: I do not receive any compensation for sales of these items. I just think they’re great.)

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