How to Dress for Chic, Comfortable Holiday Shopping

November 24, 2010


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Leave the coat in the car. It’s bulky and will be entirely too warm inside – especially if you are heading to an indoor mall. Think in layers that are flexible – I prefer a wrap sweater like this DKNY Cozy. It’s lightweight and warm and endlessly stylish. Put it on your holiday wishlist if you haven’t already.


A tote bag with a strap. Leave the satchel styles at home unless you have the forearms of Popeye. You will want both arms free for choosing and carrying and maybe, just maybe, some extra room in your tote for those smaller stylish finds. Just a hunch. Make sure the bag zips or closes well – there are criminals just waiting for the unaware fashionista to look the other way.

Flats that support. You are on a MISSION. Now is not the time to don the four inch heels or even the kitten heels. Think flat and supportive. Boots also work well in this category especially in inclement weather. Leave new shoes at home and opt for some that you know are already broken-in and comfortable. Blisters are a terrible accessory.

Report Fernley Flat
Report Fernley Flat available at Nordstrom

Hydrate. Also Eat. Shopping may not qualify as cardio-calorie burning, but it is exertion. Be sure to carry a bottle of water and small, nutritious snack with you. It keeps you from having to deal with crowded eateries and counters as well as terrible fast food. You have a holiday dress to get into in a few weeks, yes?

Consider your purpose. Jeans are, without a doubt, the go-to wardrobe piece for many an outing. But if you’re shopping for yourself and going to be trying on a bunch of clothes, getting in and out of them can be a pain. Consider a skirt and tights – or even a cozy sweater dress. Scooting between crowded aisles? Leave the delicately embroidered blouse at home. Patterned hosiery is great – but make sure it’s sturdy – swinging shopping bags can destroy them in a few swoops.

And, hey, if all else fails? There always the internet and shopping in your jammies, right?

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