Creating a Style Inspiration Board: Fall 2010

November 15, 2010


Accessory Whore Inspiration Board Fall 2010

One of the things the 15:30 Challenge taught me was to have a clear focus – both on what was currently part of my wardrobe and also what needed to be added. On any given month I have a stack of 6-8 style magazines, 8-10 catalogs and hundreds of shopping site emails waiting for me on my nightstand. They can be not only tempting, but extremely overwhelming. All provide great inspiration and ideas, but I needed a way to edit those ideas down to things that would fit my style, lifestyle and life.

The space in my closet is really maximized thanks to some creative closet organization efforts from the previous owners. But, in my closet I have a 12″ x 18″ area above a built-in belt rack that would be just perfect for an inspiration board. I’m looking for a neutral colored french memo board style that will fit right there. It’s easy to slide pictures in without having to worry about thumbtacks stabbing any bare feet or hiding out in a well-placed boot.

Above are the images for my Fall 2010 inspiration board. You can see it runs the gamut from casual to dress, accessories and beauty and even some home ideas. How cool is that pop of color on the room’s ceiling? Here are some tips for creating your own seasonal board:

1. Cut out everything you love. Don’t worry about why you love it. If it inspires you, rip it out.
2. Don’t limit yourself to only fashion. I have a red lipstick on there because I am reminding myself to wear red more often. Push my routine away from routine a bit. I love the room with the dark ceiling for no other reason than it’s striking. That peony is a favorite flower – and favorite color – and I’m ordering a fabric pin just like it!
3. Cut your pictures are cut out THEN edit. Group them into categories and pick the best of the best. I ended up having 4 pictures of striped shirts (not kidding). I clearly need to invest in a striped shirt – so I picked my favorite, best example and most attainable (oh, hai, J. Crew!)
4. Pick a board that has a neutral fabric. You want your selections to stand out, not the board. It’s merely a delivery system for your Awesome.
5. Leave room for more. Seasons are not magazine. Leave room to find more inspiration that will take you through this season and into the next.

Do you have an inspiration board that you use? What’s on it right now and why?

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2 Responses to “Creating a Style Inspiration Board: Fall 2010”

  1. hope Says:

    i have a huge bulletin board of jewelry ads for inspiration. sometimes it’s just a color scheme or just a stone that i love.want.need. so fun!

    also, have you tried
    another cool way to put a story board together.

    • Pam Says:

      Polyvore is so fun – and such a contributor to LOST HOURS! OMG. It’s funny – I realized after editing my stuff that I had a definite color palette interest this fall. I hadn’t intended it, just showed up!