I just don't even have words

November 10, 2010


Leah's Mirror

I was home with Benjamin and his phlegm today. I took the opportunity to catch up on folding and distributing laundry about the house… so up the stairs we went. First stop, Benjamin’s room. Then Leah’s. The picture above is what I walked into when I opened the door to Leah’s room.

Felicia uses a great phrase that I now completely understand: RAGE BLACKOUT. There are no finer words to describe how I felt standing in that tiny bathroom. I’m sure I owe her royalties – I’ll gladly pay. Perfect.

Leah was told she had to clean her entire bathroom Cinderella-style before she could go to sleep. She also had to pay for the wasted deoderant ($3). As an attempt to make amends, she brought an extra dollar down to give to me. I told her that I didn’t want the extra dollar – $3 was fine.

“But, Mommy, the extra dollar is because you are the best mommy and I’m really sorry.”
“I appreciate that, Leah, but money doesn’t always fix things.”

That was a moment.

I believe that she is genuinely sorry, but I also believe in consequences. I’m pretty sure this lesson was learned with some elbow grease, repaying for lost product and a hug when it was all complete. But man this stuff makes me tired.

And wondering what’s next.

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9 Responses to “I just don't even have words”

  1. amber, theambershow Says:

    At least it doesn’t say, “My mom is a bitch cunt”. You know?

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    OOOOHHH NO! I can only imagine how furious you were. Guess Leah got a “teachable moment”. Ouch!

  3. Amy Says:

    I think you are a great mom and consequences definitely help bring about a better understanding of our actions. These moments are never easy, but they will be great stories to teach her own children one day. Bravo, Pam!

    • Pam Says:

      Some of them also make excellent Rehearsal Dinner stories. Not sure this one makes this list – but I’m sure there are more to come. 😉

      Thank you.

  4. elz Says:

    DUDE! Really? I have to say though, I laughed. If you can’t laugh, sometimes you’ll cry. At least it wasn’t permanent marker on the carpet. 😉

  5. Magda Says:

    Real brain power on diplsay. Thanks for that answer!