Paper Dolls

November 7, 2010


Photo by b7_banana

I began a project tonight that has become infinitely more interesting than it started. I wanted to make an inspiration board for my closet. A touchstone for personal style.

Luckily I had two months of style magazines stacked up next to the bed so I had endless content to edit for only the pieces I wanted to use a true inspiration. After I was done ripping pages and shredding copies I took a pair of scissors and began trimming certain pictures down so that there was only a small edge. Some of the pictures were of models in full ensembles and as I trimmed around them their forms took on a different shape. Instead of being a part of a page they stood on their own. It reminded of playing paper dolls as a little girl.

It also reminded me of something else. I dabble around with some pretty things and some ensembles over at AccessoryWhore, but the truth is I kinda really love it. I wish I had more access to the style world. I wish I could talk with designers and see them work and get a chance at the sneak peeks of collections before others and giddily marvel at the latest artistic creations. And it is artistic to me – at least the great ones are.

I have a blog post from Karen bookmarked in my favorites that I’ve gone back to two or three times in the past few months. It’s all about figuring out what you really love to do – in work and in life. She has an exercise she did to discover those core things that she describes in her post. I’ve avoided doing that exercise quite consciously for awhile, but I’m getting to where I’m having a hard time avoiding it now.

There are things pulling me in different directions. Opportunities. There are also frustrations pushing at me as well. At some point something will give – it always does, right? I just think this time I’d like to have some say in the matter and apply some sort of thoughtfulness to the situation. Be able to really evaluate things. Be selective in my choices.

I’m on the hunt for a good french memo board or cork board that will fit in my designated closet space – then I’ll show you what I’ve collected.

What about you? Do you keep an inspiration file?

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2 Responses to “Paper Dolls”

  1. MainlineMom Says:

    You’ve seen mine right? I did a whole post on it once. Inspired by Susan of course 🙂