Gettin' Our Spook On

November 1, 2010


Vampy Swimmy

How’s THAT for a face? She totally is at school today with the colored hairspray in her hair. I was entirely too tired to wash and dry her hair last night. It could also have been the chocolate headache I had. Who knew a Snickers bar could take me down?

(Didn’t stop me from eating 2 more, though.)

Benjamin WAS going to be Thomas the Tank Engine AGAIN (3rd year running), but once we walked into the Halloween store he dropped that idea — FAST. He wanted to be a “thooper hee-woah”. Specifically “Fwash”. Husband was in charge of figuring that one out while I helped Leah find her Vampiress costume. Shopping the day before Halloween is an AWESOME idea, by the way. They should have an open bar at that place next time – to make it even more spectacular.

Well, “Fwash” was not available any longer, so Spiderman it was. I swear he came home and wore that costume for three hours straight – WITH the mask. That’s the part that amazed me the most.

This year we amped up the outdoor decorations a tad. There may have been a fog machine purchased. We retired some goofy flickering pumpkins on stakes to add that effect and, when combined with two little strobe lights, from last year it was a killer porch. I even got a high-five from a 9-yr old and a tween.

The Tween Stamp of Approval. I WIN.

This Halloween goofiness doesn’t come from nowhere, you guys. It’s genetic. Check it:

Halloween 2010

Yep. That’s my mom. The Great Pumpkin. That’s also my dad. He’s a sailor.

Just go with it.

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6 Responses to “Gettin' Our Spook On”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    They all look fantastic 🙂

  2. Kathryn (@Kat1124) Says:

    What a totally cool scary face Leah has on!

    We had a mini Captain Rex from Clone Wars, he had a blast. We did some cool decorating this year, which we don’t normally do…a garland of lighted ghosts on the garage, lighted pumpkins and ghosts all over the yard, and these adorable ghosts on a stick that we stuck in the ground all over the yard that were $1.99 at Walgreens for a dozen! Plus the skeleton and black cat by the door.

    Surprisingly, very few trick-or-treaters this year. Our bell never rang after 8:30.

  3. elizabeth-flourish in progress Says:

    Ha! I just love this!

    This is Holiday card material. =)

    New to your blog. Looking forward to more!