Textured Hosiery: The Legs Have It

October 25, 2010


Wolford Tights
Images via WolfordShop.com

I will admit that for many years textured tights scared me. In my mind they were either grade school or hooker. Possibly this was due to the sheer volume of flower patterns that abounded. In white.

Ever since last fall I’ve been secretly checking out my friends who’ve donned these and I’ve come to realize that they are miraculous when it comes to lengthening legs. And really, who doesn’t like the idea of their legs presenting as if they are a mile long?

Gams, baby. You need to work the gams.

Yes, these can go to the office. I love these under a perfectly tailored pencil skirt and with some ridiculously beautiful pumps and a body skimming turtleneck sweater. Shorten that skirt (appropriately, please) and pair them with heeled boots. Be careful with any sort of loud or busy pattern on the skirt – you want the subtle pattern on the tights to work for you and not fight against you in a visual death match.

Like what you see? They are available at Wolford, makers of the most distinctive and luxurious leg wear on the planet.

Would love to see pics of how you wore them!

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6 Responses to “Textured Hosiery: The Legs Have It”

  1. Krista Says:

    I skeptically tried this one, too. Great post.

  2. Knighton Says:

    I am afraid of the textured hosiery. Of course, I used to be afraid of the pencil skirt. I’ve purchased 4 in the past three months – so there’s hope for me yet. 😉

    Wonder which hose would work with the new suit I bought last week. hmmmm…..

    Your advice?

    This suit: http://bit.ly/9g1yIX

    • Pam Says:

      Cute! With the curvy lines of the collar you could almost go either way, but I’m thinking a subtle stripe offsets the curves of the collar nicely. Try it and see what you think! Would love to see a pic. 😉

  3. elz Says:

    I wear patterned tights to the office. Not every day, but they do make a nice change. You definitely want to look for ones with solid feet though b/c the patterned stuff hurts your feet after awhile.