The Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day 12

September 12, 2010


15in30 Day 12

Yeah, so, I have no idea where Day 11 went either. Yes I do – I spent it in my jammies – and you don’t get those pictures.


Today I was off and running dropping small people off at Sunday school and then to the Houston Galleria to return a few things. Oddly, I seem to have come home with other things. No idea how that happened. Except that it may be physically impossible for me to walk into J. Crew without purchasing something and these lovely wool dress shorts just LEAPT at me and I was powerless. Then I was double-teamed by the Confetti ruffle shirt. They were persistent, you guys.

I would like it noted for the record that I have summoned the power of Michael Kors to bring fall. He has skillz, yo. Thus the new burnt orange handbag that has been DYING to come out and play. I loved this bag the first time I saw it in his boutique in Las Vegas. I love it more now that it is mine. Now if only some of the leaves around here might consider turning that same color….

Michael Kors Suede Purse

Shirt: Black, boatneck tank
Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch skinny jeans
Shoes: Black suede flats
Bag: Michael Kors

I am participating in The Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge to see if living simply with 15 items of clothing can also mean living creatively and well. I will post my ensemble every day. Join me and at the end we’ll either clean out our closets or go on a massive shopping spree. Or both!

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9 Responses to “The Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day 12”

  1. Knighton Says:

    Orange! Michael Kohrs! iSwoon.

  2. MainlineMom Says:

    Wow, major swoon. That bag has swagger.

    I tried to usher in fall this morning by wearing black to church. It didn’t work, I was just that much hotter.

  3. April Says:

    Hmmm, thought the purpose of this challenge was to “use whatcha got”? {not acquire more for when you’re done fasting}

    AND! I have a major problem with not seeing day 11!!!! The jammie day was the one I was looking forward to! {you can just email ME those pics} ~grin~

    Love the orange … love the pose … love the challenge

    mwhuah ~ a

  4. elz Says:

    LOVE the purse. But, dress shorts? I can not get behind that-and open toe booties, what is up with that?

    • Pam Says:

      I agree on the open-toe boots. Not with that one yet. But I love dress shorts and heels. I bought my first pair in Vegas – a very cool green satin Burberry pair and LOVED them. Try it – I think you will, too, lovely.