The Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day 4

September 5, 2010


UT Game 2

It’s Game Day! Here was my outfit for the tailgate and football game (University of Texas v. Rice) and my mandatory burnt orange top and only extraneous item thanks to my husband’s insistence. He wasn’t wrong. It was a sea of orange. See below.

Shirt: UT Co-op
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Hat: Husband’s
Tattoo: Sticker fun!

UT Game

Hope you guys have a great long holiday weekend – and that all of your favorite teams win! I’m so excited for the start of college football – more on that later as well. I need to go rest – my throat is sore from yelling and cheering and my feet are tired from standing and walking. Go ‘horns!

Texas Flags on Field

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4 Responses to “The Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day 4”

  1. elz Says:

    There was this Hott chick wearing the same dress at the game! Ha ha. I think the tunic look rocked and I’m so glad Larry talked you into getting something orange. Now you’ll be ready for the next game day.

    • Pammer Says:

      I think there should be a plan for better game-day preparedness. Including, but not limited to, that pair of cowboy boots I’ve not yet bought. 🙂

      SO fun yesterday, lovely! xo


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