The Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day 3

September 3, 2010


15in30 Challenge Day 3

T-shirt: Gap
Shorts: Old Navy
Sandals: Gwenyth (through ideeli)

Happy Friday! Man, I’m glad to see Friday. I wasn’t happy to see 5am on my clock, but, oh well. Another comfortable day of errands in cloying humidity and ridiculous heat before a long holiday weekend. And, that, my friends, means shorts and a t-shirt. And turquoise shoes. What you can’t see in this picture is the fantastic Steelo lock necklace designed by my friend Melissa. Here it is:

Steelo Necklace

The necklace is as awesome as she is and you should have one, too. Leave a comment if you’d like to get one – I’ll connect you. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I am participating in The Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge to see if living simply with 15 items of clothing can also mean living creatively and well. I will post my ensemble every day. Join me and at the end we’ll either clean out our closets or go on a massive shopping spree. Or both!

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4 Responses to “The Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day 3”

  1. Felicia Says:


    That necklace is EVERYTHING.

    xo, Felicia

    • Pammer Says:

      Thanks, Felicia – I love it, too. People STOP ME to ask about it. It was included in a famous awards ceremony gift bag for presenters, too. 🙂

      She’s re-launching the line soon – I’ll keep you posted. One piece is better than the next!

  2. Linz Says:

    Um hi, that necklace is so so so me. Like, I have a lock tattooed on my back, me. 🙂