Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day Two

September 2, 2010


15in30 Day 2
photo by elzabelz

Top: Black boatneck – location unknown
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Anne Klein
Handbag: Target (not kidding)
Necklace: Francesca’s Collections

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the always delightful Ellie for lunch and a quick trip through the University of Texas Co-op so that we could get some decidedly burnt orange clothing for the upcoming UT/Rice game this Saturday.

(I’ll go ahead and tell you right now that I’m breaking the 15:30 rules by wearing an alternate burnt orange top because my husband said I absolutely could not show up in a white t-shirt to the opening game of college football season ’round these parts. He’s not wrong. It will be the only deviation from the plan and now you’ve been warned. And these, Susan, are the Texas rules. MUAH.)

It’s hot here. STILL. Pretty sure my address has been amended to “surface of the sun”. I knew we would be walking around outside a bit browsing and also desserting (SO a verb) at the delicious Crave Cupcakes, so I decided to try to dress as coolly as possible. A considerable challenge. The necklace was actually purchased about 18 minutes before the picture was taken because I love Francesca’s and I can’t leave there without a bauble and, oh, hey! It totally matched. Didn’t hurt that they were having a sale. Check and see if there is one near you here. You’ll love it.

I am participating in The Ultimate Wardrobe Challenge to see if living simply with 15 items of clothing can also mean living creatively and well. I will post my ensemble every day. Join me and at the end we’ll either clean out our closets or go on a massive shopping spree. Or both!

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11 Responses to “Ultimate Closet Editing Challenge – 15:30 – Day Two”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ha! I knew there would be a loophole! But I respect the football rules. Even if you are cheering for Satan’s team.


    Love this outfit.

  2. elz Says:

    Fabulous, my dear. The necklace is Major. Also, damn but you are a fast blogger! can’t wait to see you on Saturday.

    • Pammer Says:

      You were a highlight of today. Even ahead of the cupcakes. Thanks for the photo assist – and for the discussion! Can’t wait for football fun– xo

  3. Kim H. Says:

    I cannot accept the color “burnt orange” – yick! 🙂 But love today’s outfit!

  4. MainlineMom Says:

    I applaud this post. The outfit, the necklace, the occasion and the burnt orange loophole.

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