WhoreStories: Jorja’s Flower Power

August 27, 2010


I am thrilled to introduce you to the lovely and full of light, Jorja. She is a beautiful cocktail of all things southern, sunshine and strength. She speaks her mind and heart over at Living Beyond the Pale and I DARE you to try to keep up with her. But go try – you’ll be better for having tried.

I love a story.

I love to hear about how something came from nothing…how it all ties together. I also think the adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is a great truth. So I am going to tell you a story that has thousands and thousands of words. It is about my flower.

Jorjas Flower Pendant

I am not much of a jewelry girl, in that I don’t wear a lot of it. I have always had a piece or two that I love and anyone who knows me, knows that I wear those pieces…everywhere. I think it has a lot to do with who I am.

I think accessories are like that, just like clothing, they are an outward expression of who you are, how you express yourself, your beauty.

I love my flower. I saw it in a shop here in Birmingham years ago and I wanted to buy it, but I just didn’t have the money. It was expensive, for my budget, but I really loved it. It was unique, one of kind, natural and…authentic. I just loved it. It is a solid piece of carved wood on a strip of leather.

Months later, I was living in St. Louis at the time, my best friend Lisa and I were together and she gave it to me. She had noticed that I noticed it and had bought it that same day. She had saved it for a special occasion.

Jorja WhoreStory 1

That necklace has been with me for almost seven years now and it has been super-glued, ducked taped, hot glued and rechained.  I love it as much today as the first day I saw it. It is me. It has been a constant-though my hairstyle and wardrobe has changed, it has remained. It even smells like me because it has absorbed my perfume after all of these years.

It has been to my children’s birthday parties; in framed family photos; to the beach in Florida, South Carolina and Los Cabos, Mexico; to the lakes of Alabama and the mountains of North Carolina; it has partied with my girlfriends & it has partied with  my gay friends; it has been to Sicily, Italy skinny-dipping and to cooking class (sorry, no photos of skinny dipping!); it has been to see everyone from Little Big Town in Mississippi to KT Tunstall in New York City and a multitude of other concerts in between.

It has hitched a ride on the train to Chicago, watched the sunset in Santa Monica and watch kids ride waves in San Diego; it has been to the top of the Arch in St. Louis and back to New York City so many times it thinks it might live there!

If my flower could talk, I just might be in trouble, because it would have some stories to tell.

So  there’s my Whore Story girls…I might be on the monogamous side when it comes to one piece of jewelry, but I whore it out all over the world!

Jorja WhoreStory 2

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