Vintage Sparkle for Fall: J. Crew Does It Again

August 26, 2010


J Crew Jewelry Mosaic

Images via J. Crew

When the J. Crew fall catalog landed in my mailbox yesterday I’m pretty sure the sky opened and sparkly rain fell from the heavens.  Coincidentally my credit card and wallet burst into flames and I’m pretty sure my Husband’s head did too.  You know that old question about “If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life…what would it be?”  It’d be J. Crew.  And don’t try to stop me.

My love affair with this brand goes way back.  Like to college when it was just great quality basics – sweaters, jeans and button downs and occassionally some neat shoes and a scarf.  I was in college in the midwest, it was the 90s – what did I know?  And the 90s had it’s fair share of fashion challenges, so no judging.  I love how this brand has transformed through the years, though.  And now, a bit further away from college, I love the casual glamour that drips from the pages.

Aside from the fantastic cocktail of textures and colors they mix and match in their clothes (sequins for day this year?  I’m in.) I just really love their take on accessories.  Especially the substantial pieces that scream edgy vintage.  And, like their clothes, layer the hell out of these babies.  Even with jeans and t-shirt with each addition the look just gets better and better.

As I long (longgggggg) for fall to show up I’m gravitating towards the warmer tones in jewelry, like the pieces above.  Many of them come in alternate color options – like clear crystals and black ribbons for you girls looking for the cooler tones.

Grab two of these and add some pearls.  Real or fake.  Who cares!  Put some glimmer into your outfits.  YES to the store.  And soccer practice.  And the movies.  And most especially on that special dinner date.  These things by candlelight with a low neckline and some ruffles are POWER, my friends.

Go forth and sparkle.  Find even more options here.

Up above:

J. Crew Crystal Drop Necklace, $98.00
J. Crew Crystal Patterns Necklace, $85.00
J. Crew Northern Lights Necklace, $75.00
J. Crew Crystal Pebble Necklace, $128.00

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