15:30 – The ultimate closet editing exercise

August 22, 2010


Coat Hangers

Felicia Sullivan has raised an interesting discussion and thrown down a considerable internet gauntlet with a recent post.  The challenge is to choose 15 pieces out of your closet and consider that your only wardrobe (but with unlimited accessories) for 30 days.

Compelling, no?

Before you throw up your hands and bend in half laughing at the notion, consider the thought behind the challenge.  Felicia, like myself, is a proponent of investment pieces.  Purchase less in quantity and focus on the finest quality.  Treat your collection with tremendous care, respect and with the eye of a museum curator.  Build a treasure that you enjoy endlessly, but live simply with them.

We spend a lot of time consuming clothing.  Collect, collect and collect some more.  I am guilty of this as well.  There are clothes in my drawer that do not get worn as well as those that have been worn but are not holding up quality-wise.  (I’m looking at you Target t-shirts.)  The donation bags every season to Goodwill are ridiculous in amount, yet my consignment shop bundle has severely dwindled in past years.

15 pieces.  A situation where you are forced to choose thoughtfully and apply serious creativity to keep it interesting.  Imagine the appreciation for the pieces you would acquire.  Imagine how it might change your purchasing patterns on the other side.  Imagine the ensembles you might uncover!  It would certainly force you to change from repeater to remixer tout suite.

So for September, it’s back to basics.  I’ll list what I choose and each ensemble every day.  Just so you know, I’ll have to address clothes for “mom” stuff like cleaning the house/driving carpool as well as professional events and the fact that the Jewish High Holidays are in September.  It may also include a trip back to NYC for several days at the end of the month – so I’m REALLY going to have to be thoughtful about all this.

I’m in.  Are you?

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4 Responses to “15:30 – The ultimate closet editing exercise”

  1. Sherry Carr-Smith Says:

    I can’t wait to see how this is going to go! Because I’m post-baby, I’m basically living with 15 things I can wear anyway. I’ll take up the challenge not to accumulate after I get fit!

    Good luck!


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