Pet Me Fall Trend: Faux Fur Vests

August 18, 2010


Express Minus the Fur Embellished Vest

Oh, I cannot wait for the temperature to drop. I long for the air to be crisp and hang just slightly in the air when you breathe. There are so many fall trends that I am DYING to wear, but none more than this – the faux fur vest. Fashion has responded to the green and anti-cruelty movements with some wonderful faux alternatives to fur. Some BEAUTIFUL alternatives.

I’m a big fan of the vest, too. Not as bulky as a coat it is easily worn on a nice fall day and is SO flexible! I love this over long-sleeved t-shirts with skinny jeans and killer boots. But it’s equally as stunning with dressier pants for the office. Watch the proportions though when you wear a fluffier, fuller fur. It adds volume so be sure to keep the bottoms slim. I’ve seen it work with a really full skirt and heeled boots, but that usually requires a really tall and slender frame. Keeping the bottoms slim makes it more wearable for more folks.

Express’ (Minus the) Fur Embellished Vest (above) – $98.00
I love this because it adds just a hint of sparkle for a night time look. Easily wearable for daytime as well, but just the little extra something in case you need it for a special nighttime event is a great touch.

Michael Michael Kors Faux Fur Coyote Vest
MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux Fur Vest – $130.00

A more classic take on the fur vest, MICHAEL Michael Kors delivers in true style. Beautiful faux fur beautifully tailored is just what you’d expect from Michael Kors. It also comes in a longer version for us taller gals looking for a little extra drama. Who me? Yes, please. (Check stores for availability)

Old Navy Faux Fur Vests
Old Navy Faux Fur Vest – $29.50

Looking for a way to adopt the trend inexpensively and with a classic look? Old Navy hits one out of the park and it even comes in black! For that price you could grab both of them, no?

I’d accessorize this piece with some fantastic earrings, a bold cuff, some badass boots and a great bag. Skip the necklace – let the vest stand on it’s own. Aspen or the errands, you’ll work it in style, lovely.

So? You in this year with this trend?

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2 Responses to “Pet Me Fall Trend: Faux Fur Vests”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Summer needs to hurry up and leave 🙂 I usually am a big fan of the heat but with all the hot new fall trends out right now… I could care less! Temperature needs to drop so I can wear my faux fur vest by Leyendecker Think I’m gonna go buy the Old Navy vest as well. Thanks for sharing doll!

    • Pammer Says:

      Ohh! Hadn’t seen the Leyendecker vest – super cute! And, yes, I’m craving some fall clothes right now — but our (temperature) fall won’t hit until close to October. Don’t care! My boots show up as of September!