BlogHer ’10 Recap Part II: The Brooklyn Bridge Walk

August 17, 2010


Oh, you guys.  I don’t even know where to begin.

On Sunday, August 8th at Really Early o’clock some extraordinary women showed up in the lobby of the Hilton New York to help me complete a Life List item by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Amber made a sign and we had a hashtag to use for our adventure and during the walk came up with another one to use for interesting facts we either knew, learned or wikied along the way.

bridgewalk hashtag
Photo courtesy of The Amber Show

It took two cabs, multiple cups of coffee thanks to the fine and pretty List Planit and some dark sunglasses to hide the remnants of the night before, but off to Brooklyn we went with the intent to walk back into the city.

Here, you should meet them. They are awesome.

My BridgeWalk Team

Shannon.  Who I’d never met but showed up to walk and now I’m so glad she did because she wrote what has to be the greatest post-BlogHer write-up ever in the history of ever.  Read her.  And follow her on Twitter.  She is that funny and awesome.

Amber.  Oh, this girl.  She is full of wonderful.  She jumped on board this ridiculous adventure because it was on HER LifeList to do an item on someone else’s list with them that was not on her own.   Our Brooklyn native, she was a terrific resource in figuring out logistics, but beyond that she has this spirit that is monumental in nature and I am SO glad to have finally gotten to meet her in person.

Jennifer.  One of my BlogHer roomies and a long time internet friend who I only just recently met in real life.  This girl is one of the most interesting and surprising people I’ve met in a long, long time.  If I could replicate her hand gestures and intonation I would because they are that spectacular.  Do not ever miss a chance to hang out with her and, while you do, check out her outstanding taste in shoes.

Erin.  Another BlogHer roomie who was sort of a cool stowaway through April (down front).  Erin is wickedly sharp and dangerously funny.  She completely embodies the reason that meeting new people is never a futile endeavor.  She also laughs easily which is great because she has a terrific laugh.

April.  Good lord, this girl.  I’d hate her if I didn’t love her.  She is the Energizer bunny and one day will be on a panel at BlogHer.  Bet on it now.  She has plans and hopes and dreams and ideas and just strap in because she’s bringing you along for the ride.  I laughed with her and at her and you should too.

All right.  Here are some selected pictures from the walk.  Enjoy!

Brooklyn Bridge Gate

Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2 in port

Brooklyn Bridge Rusted Rivets
Rusted Rivets

Brooklyn Bridge Cabeling

Brooklyn Bridge Lock

BridgeWalk Team Feet
Bridge Feet

Feet after Brooklyn Bridge
Waiting for the Subway Home

If you haven’t started a Life List yet, I highly suggest you do. Thanks to that exercise I am creating experiences in life that are rich, interesting, simple, unexpected and surprising. Make one. You won’t regret it.

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4 Responses to “BlogHer ’10 Recap Part II: The Brooklyn Bridge Walk”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Hooray for Life Lists!

    I love the Brooklyn Bridge. So glad you were able to walk it.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Loving the blogs of the other people you mentioned along the way – have been on the lookout for more stuff to read for ages – and you just solved that for me…


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