I Got Felt Up in Vegas – Agent Provocateur

August 16, 2010


Agent Provocateur Bra Mosaic

I spent all of last week in Las Vegas. It was the first vacation my husband and I have taken in seven years sans small people. I know. I have no idea how my head had not exploded during that time or upon landing in Vegas. Seriously.

One of the best things we did while out there was spend time walking around the fantastic Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. Inside that airconditioned wonderland is every stylish and exclusive boutique you can think of. Living in Houston affords me the chance to visit many of these designers in our own Galleria, but there were a few boutiques NOT available in Houston and those I was really excited to visit – starting with Agent Provocateur.

Agent Provocateur has, without a doubt, the sexiest and most luxurious lingerie on the planet. Everything about them drips decadence, abandon and wicked attention to detail and stepping into their boutique guarantees an intimate and highly personalized experience.

They are very interested in making sure you acquire not only a piece (or five) that you love, but also that they fit impeccably. This requires touching. Of you. And so after I selected a few items to try on (one more beautiful than the next including all of the pictures featured on this page) a very lovely sales associate joined me in a heavily silk-draped dressing room to begin my fittings.

I learned several things. First, the sales associates are highly professional and very discreet and having their hands adjust all different parts of the lingerie and you is not nearly as disturbing as it sounds. Secondly, they invite the spouses to sit outside the dressing rooms on a lovely tufted ottoman and get a peep show once you are properly fitted. Quite possibly the finest Man Chair situation on the planet, no? Thirdly, and most importantly, depending on the style and fit of the bra, you may not wear the size you think you are. I am consistently a 34B – however in the Shazam Demi bra on the right up above it was a better fit with a 36A. And for the record, that is not only a beautiful bra, but highly functional if you tend to wear low necklines and/or wider collars.

Agent Provocateur Slip Tank Mosaic

There are a few boutiques sprinkled across the US and the world and if you are anywhere near one I’d highly suggested popping in for a visit.  Every woman should own a few pieces of beautifully fine lingerie for yourself and for your significant other.  These are investment pieces for many, but with good care they should last and make you feel beautiful for years to come.

And for the more adventurous?  Check out their accessories section.  Crystal tipped riding crop, anyone?

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4 Responses to “I Got Felt Up in Vegas – Agent Provocateur”

  1. MainlineMom Says:

    Gorgeous stuff that I’m sure looks fab on that tight little body of yours, but not so much for me 🙂

    • Pammer Says:

      Sara! Now you know damn good and well that sexy has nothing to do with body type. Get yourself something pretty and rock your husband’s world. You deserve The Pretty. 😉

  2. Kate, aka guavalicious Says:

    Jealous! I really wanted to go to the NY one during #blogher10 but didn’t make it.

    • Pammer Says:

      I had totally forgotten about it in NYC! Was really glad to find one in Vegas. I want to know what you favorite shopping experience was in NYC – it was just downright spectacular.