Deconstructing a Head Cold

August 3, 2010



It is an absolute given that whenever any of the kids gets some sort of germ I will have it next.  There is no need to fight it, no need to be all, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine..”  No, I won’t. 

Like now.

Benjamin came home last week with a head cold.  Thus two days ago a ton of phlegm-filled bricks fell on my head, sinuses and chest and here I sit.  Sniffling, hacking and coughing.

I am finally at the stage where I can sit up and my nose isn’t running off my face and my nostrils aren’t so tender that merely breathing out of them (when I can) hurts.

I made a mental list of things about colds while laying around and trying to not freak out about how all the 900 medicines I was taking was making me feel. 

  1. It is impossible to sleep when the congestion keeps occupying ONE SIDE of your head and you spend all night rolling yourself back and forth in an effort to equalize the pressure.
  2. It is also impossible to sleep when Sudafed (the real, meth-making kind) makes your heart feel not unlike a gerbil’s and you wonder when, in fact, it is going to just explode.
  3. Why do my teeth feel coated with something?
  4. Zicam melts are truly, truly awful. And the amount of faith I put in their healing power is truly, truly desperate.
  5. When you lose the ability to breathe and taste, no amount of soy sauce can rescue a dish.  But it can make your fingers swollen the next day.
  6. Sudafed along with asthma inhalers makes you a shaky, stupid mess incapable of putting two thoughts together or completing a sentence.
  7. The makers of cold medicine are sadistic. WHY when people are sick, weak and miserable would you design packaging that is so ridiculously hard to open.  Even more so at 2am.  That does NOT endear me to your brand.
  8. Oh my sweet G-D I have loud children.
  9. Awww, I have some very sweet kids.
  10. My husband becomes a total germophobe (rightfully so).  He also sweetly stepped in and took over – and possibly tried to construct some sort of force field around Leah to keep germs away.
  11. There are no words to describe how viscerally I hate colds.

I’m supposed to leave for New York City and the BlogHer’10 conference on Thursday morning.  There’s a lot to do and learn there and I plan on completing a LifeList item while I’m there.  If it’s not too much to ask – could you think some really, really good and healthy thoughts for me?  I can’t go like this.  And I really, really want to go.



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5 Responses to “Deconstructing a Head Cold”

  1. Knighton Says:

    Sending a million good thoughts! (Partly selfishly, of course.) Also, get some homemade chicken soup somewhere – it is magic in a bowl. And if I lived nearby, I just bring over some of what I’ve been eating. (Stupid gastritis.)

    But seriously, homemade chicken & rice soup will do it. Promise! Here, have some of mine.

    Ok, now. Get better. That’s an order.

  2. Dia Says:

    Sending positive, healthy, happy, productive, strong, optimistic thoughts and prayers your way, Pam!

  3. Evil Gym Mom Says:

    Thinking of you!!!!!!
    blocked sinuses = very aching back teeth for me but really with you on the rolling around on the pillow trying to equalise the pressure.
    A good decongestant is worth gold

  4. April Says:

    Please tell Benjamin I said “Thank You”.

    Have to admit … being roomies made it all worth it though {grin}

    *sniffle**cough**coated teeth grin*