BlogHer '10 Brooklyn Bridge Walk Plans!

July 30, 2010


Brooklyn Bridge

No idea what I’m talking about?  Read this.

Hi, all! Thanks to the lovely Amber, New Yorker of Awesomeness, we now have a plan for the walk. Here are the deets:

Sunday, August 8th
We will meet in the Hilton NY hotel Starbucks at 8:15a for coffee and bagels sponsored by the ever wonderful ListPlanit, with additional thanks to April at SimplyOrganized,. (Did you need help organizing for BlogHer’10? ‘Cause this is where to do it. Also? Life.)

After we grab our caffeine and carbs for the adventure we’ll head out. The plan is to grab the subway nearby to ride across the river to Brooklyn and walk back into Manhattan. There’s a view on the ride over that is not to be missed. (Hint: Camera time) After we’re done, we’ll catch the subway back to the hotel.

A few hints and tips:

  1. The bridge is not a long walk, but wear comfortable shoes. (A BlogHer’10 theme, no?)
  2. It’s summer, especially in New York. Dress for heat and comfort.
  3. Remember the hint up above? Right. CAMERA. Video, too!
  4. Bring money for the subway.

Thanks to everyone who has “RSVPed” for this – it will be so fun completing a LifeList item with you all. If you haven’t already thrown your hat in the ring and want to join the party, leave me a comment below so we know about how many to expect.

If you want to follow along on Twitter before or during BlogHer’10, the hashtag for this will be #bridgewalk.

Can’t wait to see everyone in NYC!

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8 Responses to “BlogHer '10 Brooklyn Bridge Walk Plans!”

  1. Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig Says:

    Please sign me up! 🙂 This sounds fantastic, and I’m so glad I came across it again (I had seen the original post, but the info got lost in the cobwebs of my brain). I’ll start following the hashtag and plan on Sunday morning!

  2. Jen L. Says:

    That’ll be a blast! I used to live in Queens and I walked both the Queensboro Bridge and the Bklyn Bridge several times. You’re right–the view from the train is not to be missed! Have a blast! I’d come, but I’ve got plans to brunch it up with some local friends. Hope to meet you some time over the weekend!!

  3. Neil Says:

    But what are you going to do when you get to brooklyn?

  4. Erin Elizabeth Wells Says:

    The Brooklyn Bridge walk was Fantastic! Definitely the highlight of my quick NYC trip. Glad we all managed to get up that AM to make it happen. Thanks for inspiring it, Pam :).


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