Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

July 21, 2010


It’s hard to ignore the sweaters and jackets that are showing up in the stores these days.  Head to the mailbox and it’s fall catalogues that fall out and break your toes.  It may be 100 degrees on the thermometer outside, but according to the all-knowing retail calendar it’s FALL, folks.

I have yet to understand the weird biochemistry or psychology that happens in your brain at this time of year.  How on EARTH do I find tweed and leather and wool so lust-worthy when I can walk outside into an air-sponge of 93% humidity?!

I think it’s the boots.

In any case, fall is here coming (whatever!) and now is a great time to assess your wardrobe for the accessory pieces that can transition from summer to early fall.  Here are a few hints to get you thinking fall, even if it means you have to jack your air conditioner down to 60 to think it.

Stretch the Sandals

Steve Madden Hanley Sandal
Steve Madden “Hanley” Sandal available at Nordstrom

Those of us who live in the warmer climates have the opportunity to wear sandals and slingbacks for a longer period of time.  The trick is to keep the colors darker and the materials less summery. Pick up a pair of wide strapped sandals that have great visual weight in darker browns and blacks.  They won’t seasonally clash so much with pants and darker jeans.  But don’t envy the warm-climate girls too much, it takes FOREVER to be able to pull out our badass boots and that is a total bummer.

The Anatomy of Gray

Steve Madden Candy Coated Tote
Steve Madden “Candy Coated” Tote available at Nordstrom

The bright jewel tones are in for fall with pops of deep red showing up  – especially with grays that are EVERYWHERE it seems.  So if you don’t have one, get yourself a good, gray handbag for this year.  It’s a great neutral and a huge color this season.  Want to up the ante a bit?  Make it a snakeskin print. I like to tie a scarf to mine that has some great fall print – even a leopard works.

Anyone remember this favorite style from the summer?  Now I love it for fall.  Hey, buy what works, right?

Cat Scratch Fever

Tolani Leopard Scarf
Tolani Leopard Scarf

Yes, that’s right, the leopard print is back in a big way.  Clothing AND accessories.  Don’t shy away from this.  Everyone’s got a little cat in ‘em.  You know that leopard scarf on your purse?  Tie it around your neck with a short-sleeved white t-shirt or blouse, some dark pants and killer half-boots.  FALL.  But pay very close attention here: Do NOT get all matchy-matchy with a leopard belt, shoes, purse and scarf all at once.  You want to wear SOME, not an entire litter.  Leave that for the ladies in Vegas.  You’ll thank me for it.

Belt It Out


Keep that thin brown belt handy – it’s showing up everywhere as well.  You’ll use it to belt larger coats, cardigans and even suit jackets that are scarily double breasted again this year.  I’m trying to remain optimistic about that returned look.  Jury’s still out.

Badass Boots

Miz Mooz Kaila Buckled Leather Boot
Miz Mooz “Kaila” Buckled Leather Belt available at Nordstrom

Yes, it is ALL about the boots again, so dust yours off and get ‘em polished if need be.  The wedge heel is still here and there are some GREAT options, but new to this year is a half-boot with fur.  Not UGGS.  Don’t make that mistake.  I’m personally loving the nod to the motorcycle buckles that is also a big trend.

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